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"REMEMBER WHEN" by LeAnn Rimes


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  • "REMEMBER WHEN" by LeAnn Rimes

    Hello folks,

    I just love LeAnn and I guess the song is great but I have not heard it by now and I could not manage to get the link work on "MouseInfo".

    Could anybody tell me where I could listen to the song because there is nothing on LeAnn's homepage, nor on the official Disneyland homepage.

    Thanks everybody - and I think you are lucky with the 50th celebration.


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    there's a blurb of it on the 50th page...but the full song is available on the 2-disc 50th CD set.
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      Disneyland is offering podcasts - meaning mp3 "broadcasts" - detailing the events of the last few days at Go to that page for instructions on how to automatically subscribe and get set up to receive the three podcasts currently available.

      A live performance of the entire song "Remember When" is on the podcast from May 5. The direct download link for that day's podcast is if you just want that one file.

      The podcasts are very well done, by the way, and getting set up to receive the current podcasts plus future ones is pretty much effortless. You can play them on any home computer or mp3 device.


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