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What did people think of the Podcasts


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  • What did people think of the Podcasts

    Personally, I think they were okay.

    At first I was concerned because it was obvious that the host, Mike Geohegan, did not have a deep knowledge of the park. However, I realized that this gave him the ability to ask questions that someone "in the know" might not think to ask. I learned some stuff about pin trading (covered in the latest MousePod podcast, too!)

    I think the last podcast was the best, since it included the LeAnn Rimes song, a quick interview with Matt, a sneak peek at the online version of the Buzz Lightyear attraction, and a great interview with Tony Baxter, etc.

    So, what do other people think?
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    I've only heard the podcasts for the 3rd and the 4th, but I enjoyed them both. Mr. Geoghegan is a professional podcaster who has been involved in the podcasting "industry" since the begining. TDA hired someone who's compotent, but yes, his knowledge on the park/company did seem a little lacking. I wish he would have talked more with John Stamos about the Disneyland Marque that he owns.

    There are a lot of interesting highlights/lines that I won't give away to those who haven't heard them yet. I did like when Mike interviewed his son after IASW as well as a man named Buzz who surveyed the land for Walt. His favorite attraction is priceless.


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      Where can I find the podcasts?
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        These were outstanding! My seven year old was glued to them as we listened to them in the car!
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          I loved them...very nice work and thanks to Disneyland for giving those of us who couldn't be there a sampling of what happened.
          -Kyle, Member of the DCA Lovers Alliance
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            You can find the podcast at on the right hand side of the bar.

            Mike also does a WDW podcast (not sponsored by Disney) called Inside the Magic, google it, it's VERY WELL DONE.
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              Here is where I listend to the podcast.


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                If you liked Disney's official podcast, but you'd like something a little less for-the-masses, crank up your mp3 player and check out Mousepod.
                Jesse's been doing these for a couple of months now, and his enthusiasm and love of Disney more than makes up for the occasional factual gaffe. Besides, how many of us have managed to put together a show with listeners around the world?

                BTW, I did enjoy the Disney podcasts, a little generic, but very nicely aimed at people unfamiliar with the medium, and casual fans of Disney.
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                  I think the Disneyland sponsored podcasts were very well done, especially considering the very short time frame in which it all came together, as the host and others explained on the last one. It was conceived of and implemented in less than a week by the sound of it.

                  Despite his lack of intimate, insider knowledge of Disneyland, Mike Geohegan did amazingly well. There were no glaring inaccuracies or goofs. He was very enthusiastic and surprisingly professional for someone flying by the seat of their pants in what must have been a whirlwind of confusion for him.

                  As far as the podcast medium goes, this was pretty much my introduction to it. The first two days I just listened to them on the computer, but on the third day I was running out the door to catch a bus and thought, hey I think I'll throw the latest one on my iPod since I haven't heard it yet. It was so enjoyable listening to it on my busride and during lunch because it was like having Disney news delivered right to my ears while being far, far away from the internet or Disneyland itself. I realized the benefit of these podcasts while listening remotely more than I did when I was just listening to them at home.

                  I hope Disney continues these and keeps them fresh and alive without turning them into super-canned, non-informative radio commercials dumbed down into a sales gimmick rather than a way of keeping the hardcore fans informed with actual news and event info. If that happens, it will be up to the quality third-party sources like MousePod to keep the Disney podcasts relevant.


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                    I listened to the Disney Podcast today and, as a geek, was disappointed. Mike Geohegan doesn't know enough about Disney to ask the right questions or glean enticing information. But, for the casual fan, I'm sure it was fine - especially the first "tour" with Tim O'Day. I much prefer the fan's take on things that MousePod has been providing.


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                      Originally posted by Not Afraid
                      I listened to the Disney Podcast today and, as a geek, was disappointed. Mike Geohegan doesn't know enough about Disney to ask the right questions or glean enticing information. But, for the casual fan, I'm sure it was fine - especially the first "tour" with Tim O'Day. I much prefer the fan's take on things that MousePod has been providing.
                      agreed. Mousepod brings with him the knowledge, enthusiasm, talent and connections to make it a superior podcast.


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                        Especially the connections.


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                          I think you're both right, but given the short time frame in which Disney pulled their podcasts together, they were very respectably done. Could they be better? Definitely. Will a non-official podcast provide us, the hardcore Disney fans, more insider info and not just feed us the company line? Absolutely. But it's great that Disney thought to put these together at all and give us a pretty solid, if a little generalized, firsthand report of what was going on the three days at the start of the 50th.


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