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Trip Report 5/6/05 - Giant Park Maps Are Back!


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  • Trip Report 5/6/05 - Giant Park Maps Are Back!

    Although I lamented not being there on the 5th, I'd have to say being there yesterday was the next best thing. I sated my desire to see the parade and the fireworks without too much time passing by and I absolutely loved them, especially the fireworks.

    I liked the changes in the splash height to the POTC cannon balls, but not so much the noise. I got to ride in the love seat of spash mountain finally. It was cramped and seemed sort of pointless, but it facilitated conversation much better.

    To answer a quesiton in another thread about crowds -- no, it wasn't crowded. I'd have to say it was exceptionally light, given that it was a Friday and that just the day after May 5. I guess everyone was there the day before. There was no problem getting great seats for the parade, a perfect spot for the fireworks, and a great view of Fantasmic. In addition, in the last hour after Fantasmic, we were able to walk on (ok so maybe I ran) Splash Mountain, Haunted Mansion and Pirates. Here's a picture of the board mid-day (click on thumbnails for larger view):

    These guys ended up setting up a large tv-type camera aimed at the turnstyles:

    Just a nice shot of the Matterhorn:

    There was quite a delay at the beginning of the show stop for Parade of Dreams, as this poor marionette's top busted its zipper in the back wide open, and this CM had to safety pin it closed.

    This poor guy also dropped his tail on the parade route and the same CM had to pick it up. It happened too fast for me to snap a picture:

    My favorite parade shots:

    For some reason I thought Flotsam and Jetsam were really cool:

    Can you tell which is the real castle and which is the float?

    As you can see, the stage and monitors are still there, for Regis and Kelly:

    The Indy queue from the Jungle Cruise :lol: :

    The new Falls:

    The Opera House:

    By the way, I stopped by the music shop and saw a stack of about 10 red-boxed 6 CD sets behind the counter. While I was there, 3 were bought!

    Now, long ago I read here about people asking if there would be a new wall map for the 50th, but I never saw any positive response, nor any pictures. But yes! It is here. I picked mine up at Showcase on Main Street, on the counter near the registers. Much of the artwork remains the same from the last wall map I bought years ago, though there are some notable changes.

    As you can see, there's a 50th logo, and the 50th entry floral is there:

    The Parade of Dreams is on Main Street:

    The new Tomorrowland paint scheme is represented, as is Buzz Lightyear and the new mural. The sub lagoon has "future attraction" written on it. The PeopleMover tracks are still there, though no "future attraction" label. The tech walls are still painted gold even though everything else is blue (including Innoventions). The piranhas are shown and labeled on the JC. I can take close-ups of any of these upon request.
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    Those are pleasant wait times. I've been to the park on Fridays where the line for Splash exceeded 80 minutes. Sunday, however, is an entirely different situation. I bet there will be large crowds of mothers, parade viewers and fireworks fans.


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      The best thing about the new maps is that it is $4! $4! What a deal!


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        Originally posted by Not Afraid
        The best thing about the new maps is that it is $4! $4! What a deal!
        $4?! That is a good deal. It looks like the paper stock is the same as the 40th ones: glossy and somewhat thinner than earlier printings. For that price, however, one could pick up a few and not have to worry that much.


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          Ooooh! I need the new wall map! I just bought one of the old ones depicting Tomorrowland 1998 on them a couple months ago.. But I need a new one with new Tomorrowland and the JC upgrades and the 50th stuff, etc. I was hoping they'd make a new Fun Map. I love those things!

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            Great pictures. Thanks. Fascinating to see Disneyland 1955. So much open space.
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              Ooooh shiny, I have been hoping for a new wall map! My wall could use something like that :lol: not that I don't already have maps up.

              And I was dreading the price...thought it would be waaay too much for a glorified poster, but $4 is a steal.


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                Thanks for the great photos, Bass Shaker.

                I must get me one of them new maps. I also notice another difference : the characters around the edges of the map are now in color. That may have changed in the past few years, but all the maps I have feature the characters as black lines with white fills.
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                  couldu do a close up on pooh and buzz.
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                    And for kicks, here's the subs and the castle in 50th garb:

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                    My finger points.


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                      I bought 5 of the last wall map when I was there in December. They were tough to find that visit. Usually they are at every register, but they must have been down to the last of them because I found them at only one register and that was in the World of Disney store. I figured either a new one would be out for the 50th or, like WDW, they might be eliminating them altogether. I picked up a 50th mouse pad that trip, too as they had them out way early.

                      I'm always disappointed when I go to WDW that they don't have maps for each park - and if I ask a CM, they don't know what I'm talking about and point to the free GuideMaps.

                      Has anyone seen a new wall map for DCA yet? They had yet to make one showing the Tower of Terror last I knew.


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                        Great pictures, what is the exact size of the map? Good for framing? Need to know...have a wall that needs that Disney touch!
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                          Is there a new map on the regular map/guide that you get at the entrance gate, too?
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                            Map is 39 x 27 in. by my measurements. The free map guide I got at the entrance yesterday is no different than the one I got months ago.
                            My finger points.


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                              Thanks for the pics! Love the map. Is that the new Monorail I see in Tomorrowland?
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