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My short trip 10/16


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  • My short trip 10/16

    So I had the day off yesterday and decided to go hang out at DLR. I was supposed to go with my brother but he was a no show. Oh well. I went to DCA first and rode ToT a couple of times, then single ridered Soarin'. I then proceeded to DL. On my way to Indiana Jones I ran into someone:

    It was kind of slow yesterday as you can see at NOS:

    After Indy I went to get my FastPass for Haunted. I could have waited but I was kinda lazy. Never been in this part so I took a picture of this cool statue:

    TSI, hopefully this won't change (IMO):

    I was asked to get a pic of Donald Duck, well this is the only duck I could get:

    I'm oblivious to some things because I've never seen this either:

    No line for the Dole Whips? Awesome!:

    These new?

    Loud construction going on at both Matterhorn:

    And Nemo:

    Autopia's cars were all in one place. Looked like the 405 freeway:

    And finally a last shot of ToT from DLRR:

    It was a fun day and I hope to go again soon. Did lots of things in under a short amount of time.
    -Jack :geek:
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    Re: My short trip 10/16

    While you were doing that I was sitting at work wishing I was there. Thanks for the photos!

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      Re: My short trip 10/16

      Great report and pics! Seems the crowds picked up a little bit in the evening while we were there but still not bad. I'm glad you had a good time!


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        Re: My short trip 10/16

        Those were great pictures - thank you!


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          Re: My short trip 10/16

          great report.... jack.. thanks for sharing

          Friends for life


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            Re: My short trip 10/16

            Very cool!!! I don't think I've ever really noticed that statue either come to think of it..... ummmm....

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              Re: My short trip 10/16

              Great pics. Thanks for the update.
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                Re: My short trip 10/16

                Nice pics - way to point out some of the less noticed things. It's amazing what you notice when the park isn't so full.


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                  Re: My short trip 10/16

                  lucky you. excellent photos. thanks for the duck.
                  i think thats the first time ive ever seen no line for dole whips!
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                    Re: My short trip 10/16

                    Jack rocks! Hello! Great report. Thanks so much!

                    Ta Da!


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                      Re: My short trip 10/16

                      Hey great job with the update and pix!

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                        Re: My short trip 10/16

                        Thanks for sharing your pics. DH are always asking each other "new or missed" about little touches in the park. It's like the park is new everytime we go.

                        It wasn't me, it was Lisa! :angel:


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                          Re: My short trip 10/16

                          great pics and update! thanx for sharing! :thumbup:
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                            Re: My short trip 10/16

                            I don't think I've ever noticed that anchor either.

                            Great picture! Thanks for the update!
                            I'm addicted and I don't care!!! :yea:


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