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Sadako's TGIF w/ Marianne trip on 10/13/06


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  • Sadako's TGIF w/ Marianne trip on 10/13/06

    So near the end of last week Marianne called me up and asked to crash at my place on friday the 13th because she had a workshop up in Burbank the next day and there was heavy freeway construction in her area. Unfortunately, on thursday afternoon she found out that the workshop was moved to november because the quota wasn't filled. So instead, when we realized the park was open til midnight and Marianne's new AP was burning a hole in her pocket, she came on over friday after work and off we went!

    "I hate my job! I hate my life! Are we at Disneyland yet?"

    And apparently Marianne's not the only one aggravated by work stress... a little incident on the tram escalated by the time we got to the Esplanade... and even though we suffered through this womans yelling for over 5 minutes, I barely got 10 seconds of footage at the end when she decided to walk away -

    As we found ourselves confused by the cacophony of costumed individuals, we soon realized that there was in fact a party, but we weren't invited...

    Even Mickey was all dressed up for the event!

    BAH! We can have fun by ourselves anyway... Fantasyland? Sure!

    "Marianne, are you sure you can drive?"

    "Um... yea... you just turn this wheel and... Brakes! Where are the brakes?!?!?!"

    At least she has a good sense of direction.

    Even though we both despise Tinkerbell, neither of us could help oogling this dancing cutie:

    JULIE: "Since you're afraid of heights, let's play it safe and ride Alice In Wonderland."

    MARIANNE: "Oh snap! We're gonna fall!"

    MARIANNE: "I hate you so much right now... feel the burn of my hate for you..."

    Since it started to rain heavily, we decided to take refuge at the Disney Gallery and observe paintings of Disneyland's past.

    JULIE: "Hey Marianne, remember a long time ago, when the castle looked so pretty with all those crowns and stuff?"

    JULIE: "Since it's the Year of a Million Dreams, what's your dream?"
    MARIANNE: "To get farted on by an elephant."

    I think that's one dream we can make come true tonight -

    MARIANNE: "Now that the rain and lightning have stopped, let's go on Splash Mountain!"
    JULIE: "Um... are you sure it's a good idea to do this at 9:00 pm...?"

    JULIE: "Marianne, I don't think that sign means what you think it means..."

    JULIE: "OH! Check this out! I'm going to take an awesome picture of..."

    JULIE: "Who the hell was that?"

    I really don't think this was a good idea... I shriek like a little girl when I'm freezing to death! -

    JULIE: "The owl said we found our laughin' place."
    MARIANNE: "Why do you think I sat in the back?"

    MARIANNE: "And hid from plain sight..."

    JULIE: "Check it out! It's Captain Barbossa!"
    MARIANNE: "Big deal! Now when they make a Davy Jones mural, my tongue will be all over it!"

    Barbossa sure has good aim.

    Er... why does that hat look so out of place to me?

    JULIE: "Ok, so now it's time for Big Thunder."
    MARIANNE: "WAIT! I think I hear it coming... FANTASMIC! PETER PAN!!!"

    I think Marianne's excited -

    JULIE: "Since we're going on Big Thunder, let me point out some cool things for you to look at. First, a hidden Mickey."

    JULIE: "Now look intently and you'll see a goat!"

    Ok, now let's go on another train ride. I call this the Parade train. Just act like you're in a parade and the little people underneath us will respond. Watch -

    And as the park closed, we ended up going for a walk through Downtown Disney and finally meeting up at the Lost Bar with MC's own almandot, fresh from Mickey's Halloween Treat with a full bag o' candy.

    Awwww... isn't he cute! ^_^\\//

    Too bad Marianne's underage...

    Waitress, another Neverland Tea for me please! :thumbup:
    Julie Rei

    "Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere." - Anton Ego (Ratatouille)

    "I suppose you have no choice but to revolutionize the world." -Mikage Souji (Revolutionary Girl Utena)

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    Re: Sadako's TGIF w/ Marianne trip on 10/13/06

    yay!! i love your pictures!!

    great job, looks like you had fun!!


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      Re: Sadako's TGIF w/ Marianne trip on 10/13/06

      Great report and pics!


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        Re: Sadako's TGIF w/ Marianne trip on 10/13/06

        Once again another great Sadako trip report. Thank you.


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          Re: Sadako's TGIF w/ Marianne trip on 10/13/06

          Awesome and glad to meet you almandot!

          Ta Da!


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            Re: Sadako's TGIF w/ Marianne trip on 10/13/06

            Loved the great videos, amazing pictures, and very funny commentary.

            Well done trip report!
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