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Favorite Childhood Memories...


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  • Favorite Childhood Memories...

    I have tons and tons of great memories from Disneyland when I was a kid. Some of them I can relive when I return, but some I cannot What are your favorite memories from Disneyland as a kid?

    Mine are:

    *The Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough (I've stated this many times on this forum)
    *Driving down Harbor Blvd. and seeing the old sign (ah, good times)
    *Walking through the waterfalls at the Disneyland Hotel (fortunately these are still there!)
    *Being nervous when waiting in line for the "big" rides, like Splash Mountain (I used to be sooo scared to ride it haha)
    *The old parades...MSEP, Party Gras Parade, Mulan Parade, Hercules Parade, etc.
    *When I was about 4 I went and my parents bought me one of those Goofy baseball hats with the ears that hang down (remember those? I don't think they have them still...or do they?)
    *Walking through the caves on Tom Sawyer's Island...It's not as great as it used to be...
    *The black cheetah or leopard or jaguar (or whatever kind of big cat it was) that you could see when you were on the Railroad in the Adventureland Area...there's a rock still there, but the cats gone
    *The Ursula from Fantasmic! She was soo neat!
    *The slides from the Chip and Dale treehouse....

    ok, ok, I'll stop now...I just have so many great memories from when I was a kid. Of course most of these I can still do, and I go to DL all the time, and it remains my most favorite place on earth...but there's that feeling you have as a kid, ya know? Anyways, post away! :0)
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    Re: Favorite Childhood Memories...

    My earliest memory of DL was my mom holding me while we were in front of Snow White. I was facing away from the ride, looking toward Peter Pan. My mom turned around to say something to my dad who was behind her, and so then I was facing Snow White. I saw the queen in the window and freaked out bad. Didnt go on that ride till I was 12.
    I was afraid of just about everything the first time I was there. According to my mom, I would only go on Dumbo.
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      Re: Favorite Childhood Memories...

      We went once a year when I was maybe 7 to 10 years old. I loved to go, but don't have many specific memories. As I've grown up I've grown to appreciate Disneyland more, and to treasure my time there.

      One really specific memory I have from being a kid was going on Journey Thru Inner Space with my brother about six times in a row while we waited for my parents and sister to ride something else (that must have had a long line) that we didn't want to do.

      I also remember the feeling of walking out at the end of the day. Exhausted, overwhelmed and of course sad to be leaving.


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        Re: Favorite Childhood Memories...

        I remember one thing from the only time that we went when I was a child. We got to wear princess hats and we had our picture taken and when it developed, Bambi and Thumper and Flower too were in the picture with us. Do they still have this? I'd love to do one now that I'm grown.

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          Re: Favorite Childhood Memories...

          Some of my favorite memories from a kid:

          ~ Playing the 'who can see the Matterhorn first' game. Who ever spotted it first coming off the I-5 and onto Harbor got to pick the first ride of the morning. It got pretty nasty sometimes. LOL
          ~ The old parking trams. I liked them. I also liked the old Parking lot characters...
          ~ Eating Breakfast at the Plaza Inn - or not eating as my case may be. I was always soo overly excited that I would barely eat until after lunch time. But I loved all the characters around.
          ~ Pulling the sword out of the stone when I was around 7 or 8. I was 'Queen of the Morning'
          ~ MSELP - awwww I LOVED that. I remember sitting in front of the train station waiting for that.
          ~ When I believed that the animals on Jungle Cruise were real. I remember one trip when I was at that weird inbetween age and we got of JC and I asked if we could go on the one w/ the real animals. LOL
          ~ How everything looked SOO big and SOO real. The way I see everything now is soo totally differant from the way I remember them from my childhood. It still is magical to me - but I believed everything was for real totally 100% when I was a kid. I miss that sometimes.
          ~ Riding in the Skyway w/ my Grandpa who hated those kinds of things because I wanted to see the Monster in Matterhorn.
          AND SOOOOOOOO many more. Those are just my off the top of the head ones.


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