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An (odd) idea for Tomorrowland


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  • An (odd) idea for Tomorrowland

    This may be kind of a weird thing to be thinking about, but hey, I was in a public restroom today and I had Tomorrowland on my mind.

    Wouldn't it be cool if they put in an all-automated restroom in Tomorrowland? Like, automatic flush, automatic sinks, automatic towel/toilet paper/soap dispensers, those rotating toilet seat covers from O'Hare Airport, etc. I think it would be so cool to be able to use a public restroom without ever having to touch anything with your hands except the toilet paper and the soap and water in the sink. The only thing I've never seen implemented anywhere else is automatic doors on the stalls...that might be a bit harder but I'm sure it could be done (the only problem would be making absolutely sure they didn't malfunction...).

    I know this seems cheesy, but I remember the first place I ever used a sink with a motion sensor was at the Disneyland Hotel and the next time I went I asked my parents if we could go back to the hotel again so I could use that amazing sink. My friends and I talked about it for literally weeks after we went.

    I know most kids these days have seen automated components in bathrooms, so the reaction to automatic sinks probably wouldn't be as extreme as ours back in 1992 or whatever, but it's rare for people to install all of them at once, and I think it would be kind of a neat touch. Americans and tourists alike are obsessed with hygiene in public places...and c'mon, even after how many years, those toilet seat covers in O'Hare airport seem really futuristic and cool to me.

    It would be a low cost thing (hey, if my school can afford a lot of this stuff, so can Disney) and I really think I would go to Tomorrowland expressly to use a really snazzy restroom. Plus, I think it fits with the theming a heck of a lot more than a bunch of Pixar stuff.

    What do you think? Bathroom of the future?

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    Originally posted by crinklebat
    What do you think? Bathroom of the future?
    Irony, an acual old Attraction that from '56-'65.
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      I dunno... I can never get those motion sensor paper towel dispensors to work! And ave you ever been sitting on a toilet when the sensor went off and flushed?

      ....Not the most pleasant of experiences, I tells ya!

      But I do have to admit I've always wondered why this didn't happen more. I've never found a restroom that has all the components automated.
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        Yeah it just seems like people buy one automated thing and then say "Meh, we've done enough!"

        I have had the toilets me, not a huge deal. What's more annoying is when the toilet seat covers don't work!

        And I'm really amused that somebody else thought this up for me and it was actually in the park. Now I don't feel like such a deviant.


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          If disney wants to..they could get someone (cough new WDW sponsor) to sponsor a Tomorrowland Rest Room..... It could be done all automatic....

          (I seen auto hand dryers.. papertowel dispensers...sinks. toilets... but i also seen them break....)


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            They would probably have to pretty snazzy to top the best restroom I've ever seen, and they probably wouldn't be cleaned often enough to be more comfortable than those bathrooms, either.


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              the urinals should talk and say thank you when you leave


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                WTF???? Talking urinals.. um aint that a bit disterbing.....

                Not bad idea.. but howabout put the talking toilets in the womens rom.. and have Plasma TVs in the mensroom for sports on ESPN.... hehe

                Girls can talk to their toilets.. while guys watch sports... and talk sports... brilliant!


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                  You guys all assume though, that these wouldn't be vandalized immediately. Think about it: restrooms back in the dark recesses of Tomorrowland. They would be perfect targets and having a constant CM stand there to make sure this doesn't happen kind of defeats the point of an automated restroom.
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                    Wel, I don't think the point of the restroom would be convenience or cost-effectiveness; in fact, given the failure rate of a lot of these things, it would be smart to have a CM or two around to make sure it's always in working order. And they could serve as a deterrent for vandals, too.


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                      I think they should install little video screens above the urinals and play commercials. They could put them on the back of the stall door in women's restrooms. Talk about your captive audience.
                      I love Disneyland!


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                        Originally posted by DivaPrincess
                        I think they should install little video screens above the urinals and play commercials. They could put them on the back of the stall door in women's restrooms. Talk about your captive audience.
                        that would be disturbing o_o

                        of course I suppose it'd be worse if they were ads like the spam I get in my email
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                          Anyway you look at it, it's still a good idea. That whole section with the Starcade and the restrooms is screaming for some TLC. The restrooms would be a great place to start. And you know, I think I saw the TV's above the urinal thing on the Travel Channel, but I can't remember for sure.
                          "Do it for me then. Your gaming buddies are going to be there too. It will be good for you kids to go out and blow the stink off yourselves for one night."

                          "Fine. For you. And for the eradication of stink."


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                            I love the automated paper towel machines and the automic urinal flush...but that's about it. I have so much trouble with the sinks and soap machines.

                            If anything, there should be a sensor that detects whether or not you have washed your hands...and if you didn't, then a voice should say "Hey, you forgot to wash!"

                            I just hate when people don't wash their's so unsanitary.
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                              And they need an automated sign that lights up when a guy steps up to a urinal. If he stays a certain distance (ie dribbling on the floor distance) the sign lights up with a *bing* and says:

                              Please, stand a little closer. It's shorter than you think !
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                                The toities at ESPN Zone (in the restaraunt area) have tv's over each stall in the ladies and over the urinals on the men's side of things. They also have the automated paper towel dispensers along with auto sinks and toities.


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                                  The DTD bathrooms near Wetzels Pretzels have the automatic paper towel dispensers as well as the auto flushing toilets and the auto sinks.

                                  I don't know about anyone else, but the automatic flush toilets scare my kids. I have spent many a potty trip covering the sensor so that they can not be stressed while using the potty.
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                                    I think the first automatic sink I ever saw was actually in Tomorrowland at the MK. (I don't remember if the toilets were automatic... they could have been) I remember thinking how absolutely awesome it was and I figured it was an exclusive Tomorrowland thing (this had to be in the late 80s)

                                    Then when other places started to get them, I was always a little dissapointed.


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                                      Yes the Crane Plumbing sponsored "Bathroom of Tomorrow" was in the park from April 5, 1956 until it was replaced by Fun Fotos on August 30, 1960. It was in the location where Mickey's Star Traders is located now.

                                      Many of the early Tomorrowland attractions were thrown in last-minute and were operated by sponsors and not Disneyland. The Crane Plumbing bathroom was one of those. The Bathroom of Tomorrow was 20 foot wide and featured the latest in bathroom appliances, all from the Crane "Criterion" series. The toilet, shower, bidet and bathtub were all bright yellow. I suppose this change from the normal white fixtures indicated the "future"! The toilet had a "posture-correcting" seat (whatever that means), and a there was a 24-karat gold toilet paper holder. Also featured was the "Bathroom of Tomorrow" in miniature. This time all the fixtures were in pink. Next was the "Laundry of the Future"; which was no more than the latest washers & dryers found in your local stores. There also was a section called "Valves in Industry." And if that wasn't enough, you were invited to have "Fun with Water": a series of faucets that could be used to change the heights of columns of colored water. And you wouldn't have wanted to miss "Industrial Flow Control" where you could see the history of flow control.

                                      Unfortunately, you couldn't use this futuristic bathroom as it was display only. Too bad.
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                                        The Urnials

                                        I think they should hook up the urnials with the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters and you can help riders out by aiming at the aliens as you pee. (via the online partner option)


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