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Crowds on October 29th


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  • Crowds on October 29th

    My mom and dad want to go see Halloween Time and the only day we can go is Sunday the 29th, due to this being the last Sunday of Halloween Time, would anyone happen to know an estimate of how many people would be there?

    I really want to see Haloween Time again and I want them too, my dad hasn't been to the Magic Kingdom in years, so I want him to see the park before the winter crowds come.

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    Re: Crowds on October 29th

    Pretty hard to guestimate crowds for a specific day....but the Park has been busy lately, so assume it will be crowded. Of course, it will be missing a few Micechatters that will be flying back from Florida that day, might help a bit! LOL!
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      Re: Crowds on October 29th

      I agree with wolfy, the park has been more crowded. If you do go, try to get there at opening. It opens at 9:00AM but I think you can get on Main Street 1/2 hour before. That way you can hit the things you really want before the bigger mid-day crowds come in.


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        Re: Crowds on October 29th

        I would not miss HalloweenTime, but it will be crowded. This is the last weekend before Halloween so many will pick this weekend to go. I would go with the expectation to see crowds.

        >> Arrive early. Get there a half hour before the park opens so that you are parked and in the park as the rope falls.

        >> Use Fastpass liberally. Get a fastpass for Space Mountain first thing, but don't ride the ride. Walk to the other side of the park and go on POTC. Then get a fastpass for Haunted Mansion Holiday. Then stay on that side of the park making sure you are getting fastpasses as soon as yours expire. Splash and Indy are two others on that side.

        >> In the afternoon, slow down and enjoy a show like Billy Hill and the Hillbillies. Take in the parade. Use your fastpasses in the afternoon. Shop and take in the sights of Main Street, but do all your priority rides in the morning.

        >> If it really gets crowded and you have a park hopper, then go to DCA to go on a few rides. It too probably will be jammed, but I would just try to hit two rides, Sourin and TOT.

        >> Make sure you stay for the fireworks.

        That would be my approach to making the most of a crowded day at Disneyland.


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          Re: Crowds on October 29th

          All schools in Nevada have a 3 day weekend (Friday off school) because of Nevada day. I think that it tends to be the busiest weekend in October by far. But, follow the tips, go, and enjoy! It will be more fun than if you didn't go!


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            Re: Crowds on October 29th

            55000. More after noon.


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