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My First Trip Report: 10/8-10/12


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  • My First Trip Report: 10/8-10/12

    Here goes my first trip report...

    We left Federal Way, WA on Friday, October 6th around 11:30am with 4 adults and 2 children in our Honda Odyssey. It's not as bad as you think! We made a quick stop in Tacoma to see Tinkermonkey and then we hit the road and started putting some miles behind us.

    This is Gavin sleeping after Yreka.

    Harrison about an hour later.

    We ate breakfast at our favorite McDonald's about 300 miles north of LA and watched the sunrise.

    We took this picture as we were just about to the Grapevine.

    Our first stop in LA was Olvera Street.

    Harrison in the obligitory riding the donkey picture.

    Gavin looking especially cute at the base of the cross.

    We ate lunch at Cielito Lindo and had the most delicious taquitos with guacamole sauce. YUM!!! We also got some traditional Mexican candy. The cactus candy was pretty good.

    Then we went to Randy's Donuts.

    That's our crew making a clean get away with some fried goodness!

    Our first night in Anaheim, we stayed cheap at the Day's Inn just north of the Mickey and Friends Parking Garage. It was clean and friendly...but boy was it LOUD!!! We were directly across from the launch site of the fireworks and you could feel the sonic boom through your body. It was amazing.

    The next morning we arrived at the Disneyland Hotel. We had a Jr. Check In. The regular cast members really made it special and it is something we will never forget.

    Harrison checking us in.

    Then we headed over to the park through all the wonderful CHOC walkers. Great job everyone!

    I love this shot...

    As soon as we got into the park, we went to City Hall and Gavin had a birthday call from Goofy.

    After that fun, we headed for Fantasyland and the Sword in the Stone ceremony. Gavin really wanted to pull the sword as you can see, but Merlin was not feeling well and wouldn't be back for a couple of days.

    So we took our little Star Wars lover to his first "big boy" ride, Star Tours.

    Harrison looks excited and Gavin looks as Grandpa Bob points the way.

    Then it was time for our very first Mice Chat Meet! Ykiki (my hubby) took this pic of Tinkermonkey and me!

    It was so great meeting so many of you. I remember RoseRedAngel, Pezz Lightyear, Penguinsoda, Dsnylndmom, Miss Christine, Dustysage, and Fishbulb...of course! How could anyone forget a hugger like that! I know I met more of you and I can picture your faces, but it was overwhelming being at my first meet and I was a little star struck. Thank you for making me feel so welcome.

    Later that day, we celebrated our baby's 5th Birthday! I know...5 means he's really not a baby anymore...but he's my last so cut me some slack!

    Our Gavin...5 years old!

    His party with Pat E. Cake...overpriced and not enough punch, but still a lot of fun.

    Caitlyn (Tinkermonkey's), Gavin and Harrison, Cassidy in the front, and Natalie (the boy's cousin). The kids had a great time and got frosting everywhere!

    After the party, we took the boys and Natalie to the Mark Twain. They all got to pilot the boat and really enjoyed the trip. Letty was the Captain that day and she was really the best. She made all of the kids feel special and gave us adults some fun trivia.

    Gavin, Harrison and Natalie.

    Captain Letty.

    Monday morning, we had breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen. That was Gavin's "party". They have a French Toast Creme Brule that is to die for!

    Gavin with Baloo!

    We spent some time in DCA and both boys rode the Tower of Terror! This was huge as Gavin wouldn't go on Pirates when he was 3! We liked Monsters Inc, but that part of the park still looks rather barren. While we were there, Hercules and the Incredibles came out. We got this great pic of Harrsion with Herc.

    Wednesday, we met Gavyn at Jedi Training Academy. By this time we had tried 4 times to be picked...our new friend had also tried as many times and when both didn't get picked again, crying ensued! They really need to come up with a better system.

    Gavin and Gavyn!

    Then our day got considerably better...we met Captain Jack Sparrow. Gavin was completely awe struck and couldn't believe he was "really real"! Jack was came right over to him and made his day. Harrison told him there was a Kraken on the river and Jack jumped.

    We also met Barbra fresh from eating at Club 33 with her Club 33 ears!

    We made our way over to Splash Mountain and I had to take a pic of myself talking on my cell phone while on the ride. What a dork!

    We caught this work going on under the entry to Frontierland.

    So now it's time to try with Merlin again...Gavin gets picked, but the magic is gone and we have one unwilling participant.

    Well, he got his medal like his brother did on his 5th birthday and this made his parents happy. About 3 minutes after the ceramony, he loved it!

    On Thursday, our last day, we got the whole crew on Big Thunder. Everyone is having fun except Grandma. Tinkermonkey and Caitlyn are in the back row!

    We ate lunch at Cafe Orleans. We really enjoyed the outside setting and they were able to combine the Tinkermonkey and Simply Mad parties so we could sit together. The only bad part...when Gavin threw up his mac and cheese! They were kind enough to take it off the bill!

    Arrrgh...Harrison wants his PBnJ Monte Cristo!

    Tinkermonkey and I pose with Walt...we had so much fun at COW.

    And one shot of us on our first ride actually riden together!

    This was the last thing we did on our last day there together.

    On our way home we went through LA again. We stopped at the La Brea Tar Pits. I would actually reccomend it. Even if you don't go through the museum, you can see an active pit being excavated. We learned a bunch and Harrison turned in a rockin' paper about it.

    That is a hip bone you can see sticking out of the asphalt!

    We also made a girly stop at American Girl. My mom and I had fun and it wasn't too bad for the boys. The last thing we did was eat at In and Out. YUM! We have a similar type restaurant here in Seattle, but (and don't let anyone up here know I said this) In and Out is better! We will definately go there again.

    We are already planning our next trip and I cry everytime one of the Million Dreams commercials airs. We can't wait to get back.
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    Re: My First Trip Report: 10/8-10/12

    Nice report. Your family is adorable.

    Wow, I think we have to go to Goofy's Kitchen on our next trip in April. French Toast Creme still my heart!!


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      Re: My First Trip Report: 10/8-10/12

      good job

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        Re: My First Trip Report: 10/8-10/12

        Nice report. I'm glad you had fun!


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          Re: My First Trip Report: 10/8-10/12

          Sounds like you had a good time. Thanks for sharing.
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            Re: My First Trip Report: 10/8-10/12

            Originally posted by Simply Mad View Post
            The last thing we did was eat at In and Out. YUM! We have a similar type restaurant here in Seattle, but (and don't let anyone up here know I said this) In and Out is better! We will definately go there again.
            OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I am telling. As a fellow Washingtonian I will warn our local franchises about your blasphemy.

            Thanks for the trip report. Its was fun to read.


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              Re: My First Trip Report: 10/8-10/12

              excellent TR! You guys are adorable
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                Re: My First Trip Report: 10/8-10/12

                Fantastic trip report! Sounds like you really had a lot of fun (and your boys are truly a joy!).


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                  Re: My First Trip Report: 10/8-10/12

                  Great Photos; I liked that photo that you took of yourself, on the ride, talking on your phone, I like silly!


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                    Re: My First Trip Report: 10/8-10/12

                    Loved the photos!
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                      Re: My First Trip Report: 10/8-10/12

                      Very nice trip report. Great pictures.


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                        Re: My First Trip Report: 10/8-10/12

                        Fun Trip!! Always great to hear a first time report! sorry about the Jedi Academy - but at least Merlin picked someone! My kids never get picked for that.
                        Will trade husband for Disneyland and DCA Pins!


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                          Re: My First Trip Report: 10/8-10/12

                          Enjoyed your trip report and photos...thanks for sharing.
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                            Re: My First Trip Report: 10/8-10/12

                            great trip report.. wonderful family, glad everyone had a great time

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                              Re: My First Trip Report: 10/8-10/12

                              Great trip report and photos!! Sounds like you guys had an awesome trip and your boys are so cute! You did so many special things for them and with them....very cool!!

                              We've done the trip down (from Portland) on my three daughters' fifth bdays, too! It's a special way to mark that birthday!

                              Thanks for sharing! And it was nice meeting you guys at the hub.


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                                Re: My First Trip Report: 10/8-10/12

                                Great report and pictures!
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                                  Re: My First Trip Report: 10/8-10/12

                                  Yuo drove along way! I love the grape vine! Going around the mountains.

                                  I was there the 11th. I had fun just like you guys did!


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                                    Re: My First Trip Report: 10/8-10/12

                                    :clap: Awesome report!!!! Great job for your first ever report! It was great seeing you guys at the hub! Sorry we didn't get to visit more, geeze it was super busy and crazy that day wasn't it!! Hope you guys get a chance to come back down again someday!

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                                      Re: My First Trip Report: 10/8-10/12

                                      great trip report and pics! thanx for sharing! :thumbup:
                                      :love: :ghug:

                                      In serious need of a Disneyland trip
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