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first timer to DLand DCA..


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  • first timer to DLand DCA..

    right around new year me, my husband and our friend are going to DL and DCA. our friend's never been there before. me and my hubby are disney addicts. we have our usual rides and things we hit first, but since our friend's never been before... what should we show him first in each park? we're so not used to dealing with a "disney virgin"...

    we're gonna have about 3-4 days in the park. i know we're not gonna get much done on new year's eve. but what about new year's day and after that?

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    Re: first timer to DLand DCA..

    Just my opinion, but I think the key to doing Disney parks (sorry to use the phrase) well is to get there early and hit the big E tickets as fast as you can. Start with Space Mountain, run to the Materhorn if its open, then hit Indy, Splash, Haunted Mansion, and Pirates, in that order. Then, get some breakfast at the River Belle Terrace. After that you can walk about, do some shopping, take in a show or a C ticket, and know that you've already seen the biggies.

    If you're staying on property or a Good Neighbor hotel, you might take a couple hours in the afternoon to nap, swim, etc. so as to steel yourself for Disneyland after dark. Do a parade, stay for the fireworks (remember, dreams come true!), and see that last Fantasmic!

    There's no rush at DCA because most things have short lines. But you probably want to do Soarin' first because it has the longest line.

    Have fun!!!


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      Re: first timer to DLand DCA..

      It's been in my experience that New Year's Day is a GREAT morning to go to Disneyland. Everyone else partied too hard, sleeping in, watching football, watching the rose parade, flying home, doing SOMEthing.

      But if you have 3-4 days then I think that's plenty of time to hit everything that needs to be done.

      Required riding at Disneyland however:
      -Star Tours
      -Space Mountain
      -Astro Blasters (only because it's the newest thing so he might as well!)
      -Matterhorn (if it's open)
      -Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin
      -It's a Small World (he'll HATE you but you know that he's gotta do it)
      -Mad Tea Cups
      -Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
      -Tom Sawyer's Island (I think it's nice)
      -Splash Mountain
      -Davey Crockett Explorer Canoes
      -Haunted Mansion
      -Pirates of the Caribbean
      -Indiana Jones Adventure
      -Jungle Cruise

      I left out most of Fantasyland because I'm sure you'll figure out if that's his cup of tea or not.

      Disney's California Adventure:
      -Tower of Terror
      -Soarin' Over CA
      -Grizzly River Run
      -California Screamin'

      Have fun! I'd love to see a full report of his experience.

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        Re: first timer to DLand DCA..

        I think you should present your friend with a good Disneyland guidebook, give them plenty of time to read it, and then ask them what they want to do.

        You can get quite a lot done in 3 to 4 days, but you might be surprised what someone else's priorities might be.

        Perhaps just take one day out of your trip to do just what that person has chosen. You can then show them your idea of a great Disneyland Day another day.

        I also like to plan at least one or two fun character meals into my trips. Gets you off your feet, and gives you time to relax.

        It's also fun to just take time to check out the Disney hotels, and of course I try not to do any shopping, until after I have done all the "really must do" things in the park.


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          Re: first timer to DLand DCA..

          Originally posted by Barbaraann View Post
          1. I think you should present your friend with a good Disneyland guidebook, give them plenty of time to read it, and then ask them what they want to do.

          2. I also like to plan at least one or two fun character meals into my trips. Gets you off your feet, and gives you time to relax.
          Took the words right out of my mouth!
          Get them a good planning guide or even one of the planning DVD's of DL and let them choose what they would like to do. It will mean more to them that way.

          Also... character meals are unforgettable, no matter how old you are, especially if it is your first time. I recommend Ariel's Grotto as a good character lunch.

          And if they just want to stop and stare and look around, soaking up the magic... by all means, soak with them. Taking people the park for the first time I've seen them just suddenly get hit full in the face with the amazing magic of DL and have to stop and turn in circles of amazement and wonder. Join in... it feels good.

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            Re: first timer to DLand DCA..

            With a Disney-virgin I would really take my time and especially soak up a lot of the atmosphere. Don't start running through the park like a mad-man (from BTM to SM, from Splash to Indy, from Pooh to Jungle Cruise etc). What I remember most from my first visit to a Disney-park (DLRP btw), was the fun I had just exploring the different lands and all the attractions in that land. That way you really get the feeling that you are in a different part of Disneyland with everey land you visit. When you just go running around kris-kros through all the different lands, for me you don't really take Disneyland at is best.
            And when you are 3-4 days there, you have got plenty of time to visit all the big attractions.


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