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Disneyland Parades Past and Present


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  • Disneyland Parades Past and Present

    I know their have been threads about this but i wanted to make a thread regarding the greatest parades of all time. List you top 5 disneyland parades and a short summary for each of why.
    Parades include:
    Main Street Electrical Parade
    Share A Dream Come True Parade (current)
    Light Magic (booooo)
    The World According to Goofy
    Totally Minnie
    Lion King Parade
    45th Anniversary Parade
    Party Gras
    Christmas Fantasy Parade
    The Bicentenial Parade
    Blast to the Past
    Any others you can think of....

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    Re: Disneyland Parades Past and Present

    I will start
    1) Main Street Electrical Parade- was the ultimate show. I loved it so much i use to watch it instead of the fantasmic show. Is their anything compares to it? Its just one of those cultural phenomenon's that disney will never equal in parade. perfect lighting and music.
    2) Party Gras- I was in it when i was really little from what i have heard and the music that i have listened to. It must have been one hell of a parade. I love the idea of the big balloons and they even included roger rabbit.
    3) Christmas Fantasy Parade- A yuletide tradition. Again great music and anything to do with christmas makes it fun. Some of my best memories come from this parade.
    4) Totally Minnie- To small to even remember it i might not have seen it live but i have seen the video. It just captures the essence of the 80's with all the bright costumes. You never really see character focused parades anymore. And NO Showstops!
    5) Lion King Parade- Right after i mention no showstops i mention a parade with one. But this is an exception. In terms of true spectacle and wonder, their was no daytime parade that beat it. The costumes were amazing and the dancing was incredible. A classic that will remain in the hearts of all disney fans. This was in the middle of the era that brought many movie specific parades, another format that fallen to the disney wayside. I'm kinda tired of these cavalcade of characters from different movies get a theme!


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      Re: Disneyland Parades Past and Present

      Disneyland's Main Street Electrical Parade
      Parade of Dreams
      Festival of the Lion King Parade
      Aladdin's Royal Caravan Parade
      *Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Parade, added this but it's because of the sing-along video and the dancing reindeer with their tongues hanging out

      and those are the only ones i liked enough to stop and watch.


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        Re: Disneyland Parades Past and Present

        Fantasy on parade
        30 years of Magic Parade
        Donald Duck's 50th Birthday Parade
        Mickey Mouse birthday parade
        Mickey Maina
        25th Family Reunion Parade
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          Re: Disneyland Parades Past and Present

          Disneyland's Main Street Electrical Parade

          America On Parade

          Christmas Fantasy Parade...especially the march of the soldiers for "Babes In Toyland"

          That's about it...

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