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Oct 22: Kuzcochik attacks Disneyland and NMBC 3D


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  • Oct 22: Kuzcochik attacks Disneyland and NMBC 3D

    Hey howdy Hey everybody!
    Just got back from disneyland from two marvolous days of fatigue and good times so I thought I'd let ya'll see my pics from Disneyland Sunday and The El Capitan to see Nightmare 3D today...

    Part one:

    After leaving at 3am Phoenix time, my good friend Victoria and I arrived in "sunny" anaheim at 8am to fog....

    as thick as Jellied Brains (yay Nightmare ^_^)

    As it barely started to clear up we reached the Harbor parking entrance (ignore the weirness of this shot a car got in my way)

    We parked in the lovely Pinnochio parking lot so there was no escalators of doom

    It's Halloween time :evil:

    And I apologize in advance, but this was my first time at DL during halloween so you get the obligatory pumpkin photos





    No Goofy cause I couldn't get a good angle

    Foliage of happiness (though I miss Tink on the lamp posts a bit)

    Big Mickey Pumpkin of DOOOOOOM!!!!! (not so much I guess)

    Last one for now I promise

    Da Mad Hatter is Love

    Count Mickey!! He was quite awesome, I gave him a big hug. I also happily showed off my Jack ears ^_^

    Victoria got a PB and J sandwich from the bakery and was quite happy because of it's yummy-ness and uncrustable-ness

    Inside Space Mountain... it makes me ever so happy (kinda blurry though)

    The lovely Miss Alice of Wonderland. She's so cute and one of my fave Alice's and was nice enough to stop quickly on her way to the castle show for a pic.

    All I hear are drums when Jess struts but I can't type that out well.... that makes sense

    I've got a portable hole. It was kinda scary cause there was a bit of a back up and the portable hole tried to suck us back in

    The princess fantasy faire... we stopped by real quick just to see it. It's fairly cute but the line for the princesses was so long. I got a crown and some cool stickers though

    Opps, I lied about the pumpkins. We went to Big Thunder Ranch/Little Patch of Heaven.. whatever it's called now. It's cute and I miss working at the petting zoo I worked at in WDW. The girls in the cabin were really nice though. They flipped over my pin bag.

    Zorro the masked pumkin

    Punch anyone?

    V playin cards with the boys

    I was trying to hide my cards from Victoria and the pumkins... they cheat like that.

    A witch that reminds me of a manger at work )

    Maggie the cow....

    Then it was off to visit my favorite Jack....
    No, not the sparrow, though I do love him and was sad I didn't see him walking around New Orleans Square at all.
    So happy to see HMH this year after missing it for the first time since it opened last year. Without further ado

    The Skellington

    He was just hanging around...

    Making Christmas...

    In a ghostly open hearse

    I like Black and white, what can I say

    What's this?

    Well well well, what have we here?

    K, so question time:
    Has this always been here and I've just never noticed it 'til now. Because I swear I've never seen it. Figured someone here would know for sure:

    Holiday pumpkins

    I want these wreaths... or the crooked pin striped bows


    Scary Teddy all stretched

    Sandy Claws

    Slightly transformed Pumpkin King

    Haunted Mansion non-holiday-ified


    My dear Miss Sally is quite Tragic

    But optimistic about the christmas thing

    I love her

    Beware the Sleigh Rides

    So before anyone yells at me I know I used the flash! I know I shouldn't have! I know that makes me a bad person... please do not yell at me about it. Thank you

    Wish You A Scary Christmas

    A present for you

    Don't get caught in it's teeth

    This year's gingerbread house. It didn't work too well (why does nothing ever turn out like it should) I tried to lighten the pic so you could see it but it got kinda grainy... oh well

    Dear old Jack.. he's just so freakin cool!

    My hill!! Oh how I love this spirally hill! It's beyond amazing sigh

    Cause he's the Oogie Boogie Man!!

    Hurry Back, Hurry Back: Cause I'll hame more pics soon

    Another question: Is the Jack on the moon new this year or was it new last year. i remember it being more primative in earlier years like you could see strings.... just curious.

    All right, that's all for tonightm dears.
    I'll be back sometime tomorrow but for now I must sleep. I got maybe 8 hrs in two days time.

    And the pics should be up now... stupid html

    *Mwah* Goodnight everybody
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    Re: Oct 22: Kuzcochik attacks Disneyland and NMBC 3D

    Great pics! Thanks.

    The Monkeys were placed as a tribute to the attic monkey effect that died.
    Im sure someone here knows what the year it was.


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      Re: Oct 22: Kuzcochik attacks Disneyland and NMBC 3D

      Are you talking about the Screen "Jack & Sleigh"? If I'm not mistaken, they were a new addition last year.
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        Re: Oct 22: Kuzcochik attacks Disneyland and NMBC 3D

        Soo apparently i shouldn't post trip reports when everyone's "invading WDW" Oh well...

        Thanks for the answers 3rdshiftCM and eyes of mara. I know I have more coming up

        Part Two: DCA and The Parade of Dreams

        So we're starting w/ Pumpkin pics, but they're just soo cool.

        Buzz Lightyear

        Roger (my absolute favorite of them all)

        My pumpkin King

        Being bored and "artistic"

        I'm pretty sure there was a micechat meet going on in the hub at this point, but we were trying to escape crowds and get to DCA so I didn't get a chance to say "hi" sorry guys....

        So we darted over to DCA to get some food. Our plans for Ariel's Grotto were foiled so we headed to the bakery

        My fave salad ever though it looks disgusting in this pic

        The back side of the pep rally. I felt gross knowing all the words and singing along. People stared at us as we walked to Paradise Pier singing along and pretending we could dance

        So after Screamin' we headed back across the Pier and i noticed this shop looking bare... was there something else painted on it before. For the life of me I can't remember.

        Screamin' and the Sun Wheel

        We're pollinators!

        Kuzcochik looking awsome like she usually does. I was using my jacket over my mouse ears as a tent against the sun while we waited for the parade.... Don't mock me, it totally worked

        So the parade started and we cried over the lack of Julie Andrews but that parade still makes me rediculously happy ^_^

        You can fly

        Peter.. brought to you by Sylvania

        Tale as old as time

        An actor's life for me

        Give a Little Whistle

        Someday I'll be part of your world

        The Alice parade stop is my favorite so I was even happier that we got it. We sang along the whole time and one of the Tweedles and the crazy stilt flowers were smiling like crazy at us and pointing. It was awesome!

        To all who come to this happy place: Welcome (I *heart* the Mad Hatter)

        Welcome to our Brotherly time

        Remembering good times together

        With someone dear to your heart

        Precious Moments you'll never forget

        It's nothing like I've ever seen before (oh god I love that swirly dress!!)

        We're here to share it all!

        All in the Golden Afternoon (The hatter and Tweedle totally had a ribbon duel it was awesome)

        A Very Merry Unbirthday to You

        The Circle of Life

        Hakkuna Matata

        A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

        It all started w/ a Mouse

        The parade ended and we headed back to DCA quickly before it closed for the day for the Halloween Treat

        Posters if my two Jacks (if Sparrow had been up there I would have been even happier)

        More coming soon.....


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          Re: Oct 22: Kuzcochik attacks Disneyland and NMBC 3D

          So far, I love it! You've taken some great pictures! And I love the jack ears!
          Will trade husband for Disneyland and DCA Pins!


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            Re: Oct 22: Kuzcochik attacks Disneyland and NMBC 3D

            nice job

            ~ Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday tomorrow and fantasy


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              Re: Oct 22: Kuzcochik attacks Disneyland and NMBC 3D

              Beautiful pictures! :bow: It looks like you had a terrific time! Thanks for sharing


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                Re: Oct 22: Kuzcochik attacks Disneyland and NMBC 3D

                All righty, here come part 3!
                Thanks for all the comments guys they make me very happy

                So we were off to DCA to check out Tower of Terror since we hadn't had our fill of screaming for the day

                AHHHH!!! 40 Minute long wait!

                And Killer bats!!!

                And Acronyms!!

                All kidding aside, I really hope they keep this stuff up... it's pretty

                Being a tourist

                Visiting Monstropolis

                We sadly didn't see Muppet Vision, but the signs still cool

                Hercules was chilling outside the Animation Building and he was awesome. He looked very concerned and told me to be careful because there were pirates out there willing to "Go the Distance" to steal my Aztec Gold (little did he know I would have wanted a pirate....) and then told Victoria he'd help block the sun on her camera proceeding to flex. I did my best Meg impersonation (this is my fave pic ^_^)

                I love the animation building so much

                I want one of these

                And these

                And especially these!

                Setting up for the Halloween Treat

                And back to the Tower

                A statue in the Fastpass lane

                Rotten decorations

                Oh how I love these additions

                I tried to get a shot of the California sign, but there were too many people

                Back to Disneyland and still to many people in front of things I want to take pics of

                Behold the glory of the Dole Whip

                Ugly Barbossa

                My dear Mr. Sparrow

                How about a nice juicy apple

                Roger lit up (i'm so making this pumpkin this year)

                Jack lit up


                My favorite picture of Mara.... we had an entire conversation with a CM about whether Mara is male or female after the ride. He said that lots of people ask and from everything he understands Mara's male. We eventually decided Mara's a god and therefor is asexual... oh well

                I really like this picture a lot

                One last HMH ride

                Jack's still hanging out.. he must be cold

                HMH exterior shot... i love this setting I found on my camera for night shots... I love the orange glow

                Drink up me hearties Yo Ho

                Time to leave but here's the castle

                And another shot

                And my favorite

                Main Street Pumpkins

                I high "four-ed" a cast member with Mickey gloves on, said goodbye to the mickey pumpkin and left the park, completely exhausted

                And last but not least
                I want this!!!!

                Okkay, so we're almost done here. All that's left is Nightmare at the El Capitan and I'll have those up soon ^_^


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                  Re: Oct 22: Kuzcochik attacks Disneyland and NMBC 3D

                  Lots of cool shots, thanks for sharing. I didn't know Hercules was so funny.


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                    Re: Oct 22: Kuzcochik attacks Disneyland and NMBC 3D

                    wow. great photos so far.


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                      Re: Oct 22: Kuzcochik attacks Disneyland and NMBC 3D

                      Heya great so far. Oh and about that monkey statue in HMH line...I must admit I have never noticed it.

                      Ta Da!


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                        Re: Oct 22: Kuzcochik attacks Disneyland and NMBC 3D

                        You reminded me of something with your great update.

                        Did anyone notice HMH doesn't play the songs and have the songs posted along the walkway like they did for the last few versions of the HMH?
                        I LUV DIZNEELAN. YAY


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                          Re: Oct 22: Kuzcochik attacks Disneyland and NMBC 3D

                          Fantastic update! Great pictures but tisk tisk on the flash pictures inside HMH None the less awesome shots.

                          To answer one of your questions, the Treasures in Paradise store is still missing the awnings.
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                          With all this talk of "off the shelf" and "on the back-burner" it seems the only thing that DCA is really missing is the kitchen sink!

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                            Re: Oct 22: Kuzcochik attacks Disneyland and NMBC 3D

                            Great pictures! I haven't been to the park for Halloween yet, but I'm hoping to soon.
                            She did it!


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                              Re: Oct 22: Kuzcochik attacks Disneyland and NMBC 3D

                              Wow, these photos are great - thank you for posting!


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