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Lining up over night for July 17th


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  • Originally posted by Morrigoon
    I can imagine the angry English dudes who would bang on the door THAT night...

    (This is an inside joke)
    Heheheh, and one that I get. One which points to the danger of in-room parties at the Disneyland hotel(s): Guests who complain about the noise. I imagine they would have a legit beef for lots of noise at 2am, but I plan on taking no nonsense - from Brits or anyone else - about parties in my suite till just about that hour of the wee ones in honor of Disneyland's 50th Birthday on a bloody weekend!

    As for camping out all night and lining up - I can surely testify as to how fun that is (cough*7-week-StarWars-line*cough), but I'd hate to pay for no sleep the night before with flagging energy on the actual birthday. I think I'm gonna opt for the usual 3 hours of sleep we get in our hotel suite vs. the zero hours of sleep I'd get out near the esplanade. (And how insane would I have to be to pay for Disneyland Hotel suite only to sleep on the ground near the tram stop?)

    But I'll surely stop by a little after midnight to see what's happening. Pffht, someone on this board is trying to arrange a 2nd MiceChat DrinkUp meet for that Saturday night, so maybe all of us attending will stagger by at around 1ish to say Hi.


    • I will probably be one of those people staggering back to DLH through the esplanade to say HI those in line, only to be back sometime between 6-8am.
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      • Do people line up on the 17th every year?

        I know this is the original date but do people line up every year on July 17th? or is it just for the 50th?
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        • Re: Lining up over night for July 17th

          The only other time I recall people arriving very early was on the 45th because they were giving out hats etc.


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