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Funny/Amusing/Strange events on 05-05-05


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  • Funny/Amusing/Strange events on 05-05-05

    Here's some of the things I observed.

    I got there at about 6:00am and was about third in line at first turnstile on the left of the big gate....

    Funniest Moment: Eisner getting booed... TWICE. Once while opening the gate and interviewing the first visitor, again during his 50th speech. Hilarious, and awkward...

    Coolest Surprise: POTC Cannon balls. Scared the CRAP outta me when I was half asleep...

    Overall Food Service: Longer than most lines! The micechat food line was close to an hour!

    Funniest Guest Moment: A woman in an ECV began plowing through the crowd after Disneyland security let us past the first rope. A teenage girl got in front of the ECV and got her tendons MESSED UP! When we reached the second rope, the lady on the ECV ran over the girl's foot again causing her shoe to come off. The lady tried to get the shoe from underneath her cart but couldn't reach it, soooo she back up and ran over TWO MORE people's feet behind her! The woman screamed as the ECV stayed on her foot for about 10 seconds... After all was said and done, the ECV woman just muttered to herself and shook her head.

    Most Common Excuse To Cut In Front Of You: I need to catch up with my kids/friend/mom/group. Mind you I was just about in the front of the middle turnstile, and theoratically, I should have been one of the first to the rope halfway down mainstreet. Of course, even though there was PLENTY of Disneyland security telling everyone to walk, as soon as they were let in everyone bolted down the street almost knocking down CM's and nearly running through the planters! So, when I finally reached the rope after walking through and smiling at CMs, I was about 6 rows back. That's when everyone started saying they needed to catch up to their group. Well I was about to let people get in front of me after I had been the first one at my turnstile and WALKED down mainstreet liked I was told. This prompted a lot of comments from those that couldn't catch up with their group. Many other early morning guests refused to let people pass also saying that they also had family that they couldn't reach...

    Best Ride Changes: Hands Down the best refurbed ride was the Jungle Cruise. Absolutely awesome.

    Funniest Micechat Moment: After introducing myself to Dusty, he said "Oh, so YOU'RE Soulquarian. Haha, great stuff.

    Best Attraction That Most People Will Skip: Disneyland Gallery and Disneyland: The First 50 Years. Donald Duck and Steve Martin are hilarious together, and the film shows so much of the attractions of yesteryear. The exhibit is fascinating, especially to someone as young as myself whose never seen the ticket books. Highly recommended for Disney Fans.

    Coolest Name Tag: TicTocDragon. That is all

    Coolest Event That I though Was Going To Suck: DCA's Block Party Bash. The CMs are energetic, the floats are really cool, and the music is infectious. It's always fun to see parents have fun with their kids...

    Most Inconsiderate Action: The woman who were in the front row before the ceremony started who put up umbrellas everytime two or three raindrops fell. It was SO crowded and everyone behind the wall of umbrellas was plain out of luck. Thank God it didn't rain during the actual 50th Ceremony... People were getting testy!

    What Funny or Cool things did you guys see?

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    That woman on the ECV was too funny. I would've followed her to see what she'd do next. That poor girl who got in her way...what a way to begin a day of "magic."
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      Best Stupid Guests Believing Stupid Rumors Moment:

      My friends and I were standing around, waiting to watch the opening ceremony. Behind us these two girls, probably around 17 or 18 talking about the new nighttime stuff at Space Mountain. I thought they were talking about RockIt Mountain, but no, apparently an even more impressive nighttime attraction is going to premeiring.

      One girl was explaining how during the day Space Mountain takes place at night... :confused: So the nighttime ride is going to take place during the day (aka turn all the lights on inside the mountain). Not only that, but the new track was going to go out into Tomorrowland along the Peoplemover tracks as well....

      I looked at my friend, who had heard all this as well, and I said very loudly, "Hey, did you hear about the loop their putting in the Jungle Cruise. Yeah they're testing it right now in the Superstar Limo building."

      Guest Most Protective of Another's Groups Property
      The Angry Guest Who Never Shuts Up Award:

      When we wear waiting for the fireworks, a family just in front of us, who had laid out a blanket, all got up and left, leaving the blanket and a backpack behind. The woman sitting next to them told me that they would be right back. So half an hour later, a couple try to move the blanket so that they could get seats closer to the castle, and the woman exploded on them, saying they couldn't touch other people's property or what not and started yelling at them for literally going on half an hour.

      Finally the yelling attracted a very gracious CM who promised the woman that she would move the couple (apparently the female half of the couple is a CM??? (I dunno, I was trying to ignore it)) but the overly protective woman refused to let the CM do what she needed to do, and proceeded to yell at her for another half an hour.

      A couple had left who were seated behind us so I told the CM and the lady that there were two open seats right behind me that the couple could take. The lady started yelling at me that I was butting into other people's business and what not, so I sat down again, and gave up.

      By the time the fireworks were over the family stil hadn't shown up. I dunno what happened to the blanket, cause we got out of there as fast as possible.


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        Best Morning Surprise: The old school train was back. Right as the announcement came on that Disneyland was opening, the old passenger train that you had to stand up on rolled through. Talk about Nostalgia!

        Best Moment While Waiting In Line For Disneyland To Open: When the Monorail track maintenance CMs rode by on the vehicle that cleans the track. They all waved to the crowd who gave them thunderous appluase. Very Cool.


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          Best, most effusive, moment of the day: Entering the Disney Gallery as it opened and getting hugs from the estatic CMs, one of who said "We're Home!".


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            hmm, well while I do think that the girl that cut ahead of the woman in the ECV was funny, the people behind her getting their feet run over wasn't. Not Afraid, hearing of all of those CMs telling guests "Welcome Home!" and such makes me all watery eyed every time I read of it... :o


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              Biggest Groan Moment I was checking out the new Space Mountain sign since it was my first opportunity to see it in person. A small group of 3 family members walk towards the entrance and see the ropes and refurbishment sign. "You've gotta be <censored> kidding me! How long's it going to be down?"


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                Best moment on 5/5/05being able to see Art Linkletter on stage after 50 years!!! Wow!! Julie Andrews as well!!

                Best Moment on a Ride: Seeing Disneykat ride on top of the Golden Storybook Canal Boat with the Mice Age Folks.

                Best Resting Spot: Disney Galleria Balcony, with some MiceAge chatters(my Wife liked this one)

                Best Duck Scare: Seeing the ducks get scared by the Piranha on Jungle Cruise.

                Soulquarian nice to meet you out there!!
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                  Other than the inconvenience of the long food lines, I have to say I LOVED that the Foods CMs staged a sickout on the 5th, fantastic idea!

                  Best moment of the day: Realizing I'd gotten enough work done to take a long lunch in the park! (Since it had looked like I wasn't going to get to go to the park that day)

                  Second best moment: Having my evening appointment end early so I could be a late joiner to the dinner meet.

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                    This is makeing me wanna go even more damn wish i was there
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                      Man. I have been so hormonal lately that everything is making me cry. READING about the CMs hugging everyone and saying "Welcome home!" is tearing me up...
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                        Best Food Moment:

                        Standing in line at the Stage Door Cafe and having my purse (cell phone) vibrate. Thinking it was AndersDMB letting us know he was in the park I answered it to find that it was Dustysage, sitting a mere 300 ft away, asking if he should move to somewhere else for all of us to sit :lol:

                        Best Ride moment(s)

                        Jungle Cruise the first time and seeing everyone's reaction to the new additions.

                        IASW where we filled an entire boat. Watching Not afraid dancing in her seat to the music (so cute)

                        Storybookland. I don't think I need to mention Why. Having our own boat....THE GOLDEN BOAT was so great. I had the best seat too!!!! I'm serious it made my entire week!!! I turned MAGENTA when I got up there at first. :lol:

                        Best wearer of the golden Mickey ears:

                        Tictocdragon!!! I swear he looked so adorable in his ears. And then when he took them off and put them back on he put them on crooked!!! VERY FUNNY!!!! Made me wish I'd had worn mine!!!!
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                          I tried to call Disneyphile in the morning to get in touch with her, but she never picked up her phone or called me back.

                          And at 6 pm, I was eating dinner with my roommate and her family at the French Market. And they treated. No way I was giving up a free meal for company. *snicker* I'm a poor college student!!
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                            Her phone was on the fritz.

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                              I had a real funny moment, actually the day before on 05-04-05.

                              Was watching ALADDIN and if you all know the show, at the end when the Genie is set free and runs off stage, typically he shouts "I'M GOIN' TO DISNEYLAND." Well this time, he added from offstage, 'WHAT D'YA MEAN THEIR CLOSED?!"

                              That got a roar from the crowd.

                              05-05-05 = lots of laughter, tears, laughter, more tears and pure joy.


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                                My Most Annoying Moment:
                                Originally posted by Morrigoon
                                Her phone was on the fritz.
                                Aye - that it was. Something happened after the first few calls of the morning, and it drained almost the entire the battery while trying to connect to another call. Sorry I missed you Melmel!
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                                  Worst moment on 5-05-05: My daughter and my niece were waiting for the lockers to open at 9am. There was a guest that was ahead of them that kept arguing with the Cast there, complaining that it was stupid of them to not just open the lockers when there was a long line forming. This guest went on and on, verbally attacking the Cast. The situation with the guest just added to the growing tension and anxiety that already happens when a crowd is forming. Then the worst happened. Just directly behind them a guest arguing with a Cast Member actually punched him in the face. A fight broke out as fellow guests tired to pull this guy back. I do not know if the Cast Member hit the guest back. The guest that struck the Cast Member was ejected. Isn't it sad that someone would do something so terrible over a locker??? :confused:


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                                    BEST LINE - Christina Aguilera is announced and walks to the stage. A lad about 12 or so says; 'wow, she is waering something.' Everyone around busted up laughing.


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                                      Originally posted by RU42
                                      BEST LINE - Christina Aguilera is announced and walks to the stage. A lad about 12 or so says; 'wow, she is waering something.' Everyone around busted up laughing.

                                      That was priceless! Out of the mouths of babes... :lol:
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                                        Best Angry Stroller Mob Moment: Right after the 50th Ceremony, everyone was trying to go every which way. I wanted to check out the Disneyland: The First 50 Years exhibit. Anywho I tried to go on the right side of main street, but apparently it was one way. Of course that wasn't he way I was going. Well Behind me was about 10 or so parents with young children in strollers, and when the CM told them it was one way, they FLIPPED. They yelled and shouted at the CM and a few other CMs (including one in a suit) showed to difuse the situation. The ringleader said that they had just went around the other way and that they had been told to come to this side. She began yelling "How do I get out of this damn park!" and all of her henchmen chimed in and began verbally attacking the CMs. After a while, the CMs let them go, and I just followed the army of strollers to the exhibit...

                                        Moral of the story? Don't mess with groups of parents with strollers!


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