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DL's "Remember:" vs WDW's "Wishes" Fireworks show


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  • DL's "Remember:" vs WDW's "Wishes" Fireworks show

    Just saw the Remember..." fireworks show last Friday night. Absolutely unbelieveable!!!

    Going to WDW in July. Can anyone tell me how their fireworks show, "Wishes" (at MK) compares to "Remember" ???

    Same thing with "Illuminations" at EPCOT.

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    parts of wishes are in Remeber

    from what I've seen in video form at least :B

    anywho it seems like Wishes is quite a bit more mellow in the middle Remeber really amps up with it's Etickets in the sky segement

    that said Wishes sounds really nice or at least very disney esque

    I have no idea about Epcots stuff
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      I've never seen "Wishes", but I have seen "Illuminations" and I all I can say about it is.......if you liked the fire from "Remember", you'll LOVE Illuminations. I heart hell barge.


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        I've see all three shows. "Remember" is my favorite because it hits me where I live. All of those memories get me every time.

        Wishes is a fun show with great pyro and great projections. I was going through Believe withdrawls when I saw it and it fit the need nicely. However, it wasn't as "personal" for me as "Remember" is.

        Illuminations is a wonderful "show" it's more show than pyro, which means I don't like it as much. I am a HUGE fan of pyro - and have been since I was 3. The more explosions the better for me. I do think that "Remember" rivals the current version of Illuminations in "show quality".


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          LOL, yeah, Remember is basically Wishes with the middle replaced with E-Tickets. And no cool Tinker Bell, just the old one.

          It's a great show though, but I think Believe was better than Wishes. Remember tops both of them, and Reflections of Earth at Epcot is just different altogether. It's really an awesome show in its own right.


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            Ok, here's the digs on R...DCT vs Wishes vs Illuminations:

            R...DCT pretty much has the best parts of wishes incorporated into it. Wishes is a good show, but didn't leave me wanting more as much as I thought it would.

            Illuminations is arguably the best fireworks display ever concieved, period. I would tend to agree with that assessment. It's about 12 minutes long, but contains about 9-10 minutes of SOLID pyro. I have a few videos that I would love to post if someone had the webspace. The last 2 minutes (120 seconds) of the show is some pretty awesome pyro sequences, including some of the biggest 10" shells you'll ever see in a public display (what's really amazing is that the show is pretty much run every night)! The largest shell DLR uses is a 5" comet. The other great thing about Illuminations is the feedback the show gives you. Every shell vibrates your chest like a subwoofer and many of them whistle like hell! I personally think that when comparing the two (R...DCT vs. Illuminations), both shows really hold their ground but I always side with the one that I don't get to see all the time so I'm gonna have to say I enjoy Illuminations a little bit better.

            Yet another tidbit about Illuminations is that the show itself tells a story (without words) of the creation of the earth and how it developed into a golbal community. It starts with a "big bang" and ends with the "Home" celebration music. What a lot of people I've talked to have against the show is that it is completely devoid of "disney" influences like characters or ride audio, etc. Personally, I find that the theming of Epcot flows throughout the show, which is more than acceptable. Of course you, as a viewer will have to make your own judgements.
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              Remember should stayed compared with Wishes and Believe while Illuminations should be compared with Fantasmic or LuminAria.

              Remember outdoes Wishes, but I think Believe outdid Wishes as far as music went. The pyro in Wishes is much better than Believe, but Remember outdoes Wishes with the amazing shells, plus the nifty effects and Tinkerbell flight.


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                Remember is great, but I can't ignore all the wishes stuff slapped into it(mildly redone in the beginning) comparing it as an overall show though. Believe's soundtrack is amazing. The attraction of the 2 shows are almost entirely different. Believe was one of those shows that captured you in a heart warming spectacular while Remember amazes you with an action packed adventure. Both were very revolutionary for their time for the actual fireworks(Fireworks didn't synch with music like that before believe and a bunch of blasts were very new) and remember's revolutionary aspects are obvious. Remember has catchy sentimental value going through all the attractions as people scream along, though I wonder how long that'll last. While i love remember, am going to enjoy watching it very much, and would rather have it playing as a new cutting edge show, my gut reaction is that as an overall put together show, I'll look back and think of Believe as better in depth, presentation, and composure.

                (Yes this got mini-hijacked to compare believe and remember The fact that wishes brings remember down so much in many people's minds should speak for itself though).


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                  Remember is the greatest fireworks display in the history of mankind. I view as the "Wishes Disneyland Sandwich" with the beginings and end of Wishes as the crust, hold the Jiminy Cricket and put on some Julie Andrews and the delicious meat is the Disneyland audio and badass effects.
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                    Re: DL's "Remember:" vs WDW's "Wishes" Fireworks show

                    Wishes really is just a pleasent, warm, likeable fireworks display with a beautiful soundtrack perfect for ending the day of tourists from all over the world. It uses a blend of famous Disney characters and songs with memorable pyro and explosions to create something you will never forget, it is one of the best original things WDW has created in the new millenium.

                    IllumiNations is in its own category, but it was never supposed to come into this thread. I have only seen Remember on video, but you should never judge Disney fireworks from a video! I am sure they match peoples reviews in life. Pity I will never see them.
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                      Re: DL's "Remember:" vs WDW's "Wishes" Fireworks show

                      Originally posted by ganggreen4jc
                      Just saw the Remember..." fireworks show last Friday night. Absolutely unbelieveable!!!

                      Going to WDW in July. Can anyone tell me how their fireworks show, "Wishes" (at MK) compares to "Remember" ???

                      Same thing with "Illuminations" at EPCOT.

                      Wishes is really great, really emotional. If you go to The Dis, they probably have it there. If you are there more than one day, Wishes can be seen from a number of places besides the theme park. For example, they pipe in the music at the Polynesian Resort near the docks. We saw it from the 15th Floor of the Contemporary Resort, which is now disallowed. My point is, you can avoid the press of the flesh if you see it elsewhere. Still, it's best seeen from Main Street. I haven't seen Remeber yet, so I can't really tell you how it stacks up.

                      Illuminations is a nice display, too, but it's not as good as it used to be. STill, some people find this the premiere fireworks event. Then there is Fantasmic, with stadium seating at the MGM Studios. Some people opt to get the dinner package for a guaranteed seat, but the guaranteeds seats are off to the right of the stage area and not necessary the best. Plus, the dinner times are awfully early.

                      The Animal kingdom doesn't have fireworks because they'll frighten the animals, but they do have a very nice regular parade.

                      My favorite WDW night show is Wishes. (ANd my favorite 3-D is Mickey's PhilHarmagic in Fantasyland. Reallyputs you in the Disney mood!)


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                        Re: DL's "Remember:" vs WDW's "Wishes" Fireworks show

                        In regards to Believe... vs. Remember..., I think the latter is a great improvement over the first. I still have very fond memories of Believe..., but Remember... did away with alot of the corniness that was so much a part of its predeccessor and replaced it with genuine nostalgia. Corniness (or more appropriately, insincerity)was Believe...'s biggest weakness, at least in my opinion.

                        Remember... is sincere in its message. Rather than just asking the guests to believe in magic at face value, Remember... supports its "Dreams Come True" statement, almost as if saying, "if you want proof, look around you. Disneyland is a dream come true!"

                        And that's why Remember... beats Believe... anyday in my book.


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                          Re: DL's "Remember:" vs WDW's "Wishes" Fireworks show

                          Illuminations fire barge is non existant right now..

                          Now You cannot compare illuminations to remember or wishes, since it's more a show then a fireworks spectacular... Remember beats wishes... Illuminations ties with fantasmic in my books (disneyland's fantasmic, not MGM's)

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