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  • Limited Edition Watches

    hey guys, i was just wondering how many (if any) of you guys bought the 50th anniversary watches they released on 05-05-05? (the artist ones at new century timepieces on main street) i wanted to get one but they were all waaaaay too expensive. and even if i did, i'd never wear it... i would keep it in a plexiglass glass on a velvet pillow, haha.

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    I would like to see one. Then I would decide if I would buy one. Can I get a pic please.
    ALSO, does direct disney sell it?
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      Thankfully, I weaned myself off of watch collecting a while ago, but not in time to avoid most the Disneyland Artisan watches from early NBX/HMH series. They are really great; I love the lithos that they come with, and the fact that they're numbered. On the very first HMH release, it was a limited edition of 99, and I got #9.... so my litho number says 9/99, and it's a pic of the Haunted Mansion!!! I thought that was especially cool.



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        Man, I've *always* wanted to get one of those artist created watches at New Century Timepieces...but dang, if they're not expensive... *thud* >_o Guess my Donald Duck watch will have to suffice until I can afford one.


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