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Walts Opening Day Recording?


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  • Walts Opening Day Recording?

    Was the bit from the fireworks an actual recording of the opening ceremony. Is there a copy of this anywhere minus the screaming fans in the fireworks movie? It would be greatly appreciated if there was one I could listen to. Thanks!
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    'Tis on the CD sets, both 6 and 2 (and possibly 1 though I can't verify).
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      Here is one, and you can't download it but you can play it anytime you want and it isn't a very big file.
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        It's on the 6-Disc "A Musical History of Disneyland" collection and if you'd like to see it on film I'd hunt down a copy of the 2-disc Walt Disney Treasures "Disneyland USA" DVD set, however, they can get a little pricey. I got mine for $49 on eBay a while back (ouch!).

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          You actually CAN download it from that site, if you're just a tiny bit HTML savvy.
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            I have it on my iPod and it actually came on this morning while I was listening on random. It always gives me a little shiver. The weird part is that I got it off a filesharing network and I think that it's from the DLP press kit, so after it plays the English version once through, it plays it again, with a French voiceover! I think it's pretty cool, anyway...


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