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The Long Haul to Exiting the Park(ing Lot)


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  • The Long Haul to Exiting the Park(ing Lot)

    We watched Remember last night, which was fantastic. It's great that Disneyland is offering it on weeknights.

    However, they *really* need to reconsider closing the park immediately after the show. Even an extra hour would benefit not only the crowds, but also the park as well, because it took about 20 minutes just to walk from one end of Main Street to the other last night, and people were so frustrated that they weren't going to stop and shop (hence why the extra hour would also benefit Disney - folks just might "wait out the crowd" and then use that time to spend a bit of extra money, or ride a favorite attraction, ending their days with a more positive image, rather than "crowded").

    Not only that, but we had parked in Downtown Disney, since we were planning on being out before 3 hours. And leaving that parking lot was worse than leaving the park. It took us 35 minutes to get to the booth from our parking space (since only TWO booths were open!), which put us over our 3 hour limit, meaning we would have to pay. But, the parking attendant didn't charge us nor the other cars ahead, because of the complaints. He also told us that there were only 2 booths open due to "budget cuts". So, again, here's what doesn't make sense - they lost even more money last night on parking, due to traffic and complaints, whereas had they scheduled more open booths, the amount taken in would have paid the operating costs for the extra booth.

    Anyway, it was an all-around horrible crowd/parking experience last night.

    Disneyland really needs to consider this.
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    Ugh, that sucks. Won't they leave it open later in the summer, though?

    The last time I was at DTD for a concert, it took us a good 45 minutes to leave the DTD parking lot. Only two booths were open, as well, but we also did not get charged due to the time wait.
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      I've been stuck in that parking lot many times. I think that parking in Mickey & Friends would be faster all around.


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        "Budget cuts"? Please. That has to be one of the lamest excuses I've ever heard.

        Well, we know this never would have happened if Walt were still around. And they wonder why we boo Eisner.
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          Originally posted by Not Afraid
          I've been stuck in that parking lot many times. I think that parking in Mickey & Friends would be faster all around.
          We always park in Mickey & Friends, and it's never a problem to get out.
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            Or you could do what I did, and come to the park at 4. I got to park in 9B, the parking spot that is right next to the escalators on the Daisy level!

            Anyway, I agree with your idea. Keep the fireworks in the 8:00 hour, then close the park at 10.
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              There was a big "goth" concert last night in DTD, could have been most of the problem with the traffic getting out. Left around 7PM, so had no problem, except for the cars coming in.
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                They can't keep showing the show at 8:00, Summer is getting closer and closer, it will still be light out at 8:00 in a few months!


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