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Is Boo a vision of my future child?


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  • Is Boo a vision of my future child?


    Apparently, according to my mother-in-law, I'm going to have a girl first (don't worry, ya'll. im not pregnant or trying or anything. this is a completley hypothetical situation. ha.) and the girl is going to look like Boo, from Monster's Inc.

    YOU be the judge.



    And Boo:

    And some more of Me:
    Edit - Holy moly those pics were huge! sorry.

    Ok. Enough of the pic fest. That was kind of embarassing. Haha.

    Just something to get ya'll through the rest of the workday!
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    And what is wrong with looking like boo. She is sooooooo cute. The question is, are you gonna name her boo? hehe
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      So you going to name her boo??
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        But what's Boo's 'real' Name in the movie? Isn't Boo just what Sully named her?


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          Originally posted by Disneylandrocks55
          But what's Boo's 'real' Name in the movie? Isn't Boo just what Sully named her?
          Boo's name is never mentioned, although one of her crayon scribble drawings is signed "Mary," hinting that her name could be Mary (it was actually a drawing by the voice of Boo, whose name is Mary.)
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            The lack of new paint over the years at DL must have dropped your resistance! All this new paint, it's just a side effect. Step away from the Monsters Inc DVD and go outside.

            ...a vaguely celtic music fills the air...


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