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Part 3...The Future of Fantasyland Theater

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  • Part 3...The Future of Fantasyland Theater

    So, after Beauty and the Beast and what we have now deemed as the ok at best Snow White Musical...What should the future of Fantasyland Theater hold. Get your imagineering caps on and don't forget to thank our Dear Lord Walt for them.

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    My guess is that they'd try and do Sleeping Beauty... Although I have no clue how they could do the dragon at the end.. pity...

    We've got Peter Pan.. but all the wiring stuff to help actors fly wil probably be too much of a cost issue (their excuse for being lazy)

    My safest bet would be Kingdom Hearts related, not telling the story, but just Sora and pals doing some hijinks with the Organization


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      One Man's Dream
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        I'd still like to see it stay a theatre, but something much better than Snow White. I love Aladdin and know Anne Hamburger is capable of much better than Snow White...enclose the theatre so more extensive effects are possible--it would take maybe 2 months to enclose it, like they did at Festival of the Lion King at AK and will soon do for the outgoing Tarzan ROCKS! theatre. I'd personally like to see a Robin Hood musical--theme the area around the theatre like Sherwood Forest, write a few new songs to accompany those from the movie, and put on a fun show with a special effects- and stunt-heavy finale, just like in the movie. Have the theatre set up like a the center of a castle so the finale can take place above and around the audience.
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          I say they make it into a ride, forget live entertainment build Aladin's Palace, where inside you take a flight around the world on an Animated Magic Carpet ride. (Think Soarin Over California With magic Carpets)


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            Bring Back A Variety Musical...

            Originally posted by Disneylandrocks55
            I say they make it into a ride, forget live entertainment build Aladin's Palace, where inside you take a flight around the world on an Animated Magic Carpet ride. (Think Soarin Over California With magic Carpets)

            Forget LIVE entertainment??? Are you kidding me??? That would be the worst thing to do! Personally, I'd love to see either *One Man's Dream*, *Show Biz Is* or *Animazement* return to the Fantasyland Theatre. I'm tired of having a show based upon only one animated Disney movie. Let's be more original and create something with variety in it...something that can really showcase a lot of dancing/singing. Heck, bring back that wonderful time period when Disneyland used to have the *Kids of the Kingdom* perform terrific musical numbers. The singing, dancing and costumes were great back then! But I guess I should stop living in the 80's, huh?

            On a side note, I don't mind the open theatre, but just do something to ease down the noise from Gadgets Go-Coaster in Mickey's ToonTown. It's very irritating to hear Snow White sing her ballad when you hear screams of riders on Gadgets Go-Coaster next door!
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              I think that they could really do a great show with Sleeping Beauty. The dragon could be their next break-through in anamitronics.


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                While it would be a much better fit in Adventureland, I would love to see a Jungle Book show. There is some awesome music from that movie, and the set wouldn't really have to be that special, although it would be nicer.

                There are plenty of classic Disney movies to use, and I'd be elated to see Robin Hood there too.
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                  There was a concept for a long time about turning that area into a Mary Poppins ride. Streets of London. Would fit nicely into the Fantasyland theme?

                  It would also have been a good home for the E-Ticket version of Pooh.
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                    My husband and I recently went to WDW and fell in love with Mickey's Philharmagic. I say close in Fantasyland Theater and bring the Philharmagic to SoCal.

                    As much as I love the live show concept, the way the theater is positioned back in that corner makes me sick. It's almost always clogged at least an hour before showtime and for at least twenty minutes after as the audience is herded out like cattle. I've never even seen the Snow White show because I don't want to get into that mess.

                    If it weren't so cramped and didn't allow so much outside noise in, I'd be all for a new Cinderella show, or even Oliver and Company (that would be so cute!) I just think the way it is now it isn't living up to its potential.
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                      I think a Mary Poppins ride in that area is an excellent idea... I think it would fit better than an Aladdin ride. Would an Aladdin ride be better suited for Adventureland? (re: theming, architecture, etc)

                      If they don't take down the theatre, I would like to see "A Little Mermaid" musical if they haven't done that yet.
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                        Originally posted by GoldenEars
                        Forget LIVE entertainment??? Are you kidding me???
                        Well actually, yes, I was semi-kidding. I love Live Entertainment, but in the future (I'm talking 10 years down the road) they might have to put in a ride eventually. I love the idea of having a Merry Poppins ride.


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                          i say enclose the theater, at the hyperion at DCA you are fully enclosed, and it feels like you're really on broadway, watching disney's next big musical, but in the FL theater, there are all the distractions of the outside noises and whatnot. If the theater was to be enclosed, made more into a real theater along the lines of the hyperion, the outside arcitecture could tie into the european theme from the other part of FL, to help tie those two sides together a bit more, and maybe a second story could be added for a new dark ride? perhaps a mary poppins ride or something of the like? we'll have to see what CM Matt has up his sleeve for the old Motor Boat Cruise area, see if a new ride gets placed in there, what that ride is, and then go from there.

                          OR, we could close gadget's go-coaster, convert that area into philiarmagic and the all new great toon ride as i suggested a while back, which would get rid of the noise pollution for the theater........

                          ah who am i kidding? dump go-coaster, add philiarmagic/GTR, enclose the theater, add a ride on top of it, and add another ride on top of motor boat cruise. i get greedy sometimes, sorry
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                            No! Nothing on top of it! You can already see the top of that white thing from mainstreet when far enought back. (i'm not kidding either)


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                              that white thing would be about the 2nd story, the structure for the FL theater is really tall as is, but if they were to level it off a bit, give it a bit more intimate feel, then you can put a 2nd story on top, have it go to the height of the current "white thing" or so, maybe a bit lower, and if the arcitecture is pretty enough, it could become another icon to the park, such as seeing the matterhorn from far away, or splash from a distance....
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