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Your favorite "Walt Disney" attraction


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  • Your favorite "Walt Disney" attraction

    What is your favorite attraction that was created by Walt Disney himself?

    1) Jungle Cruise 2) Dumbo the Flying Elephant 3) Pirates of the Caribbean

    4) Casey Jr. Circus Train 5) Rocket to the Moon 6) Phantom Boats

    7) Peter Pan 8) Snow White's Adventures 9) Motor Boat Cruise

    10) Flying Saucers 11) Enchanted Tiki Room 12) Autopia

    13) King Arthur Carousel 14) Mine Train thru Nature's Wonderland

    15) Viewliner 16) Main Street Vehicles 17) Primeval World

    18) Mr. Toad's Wild Ride 19) Storybook Land Canal Boats 20) Stage Coach

    21) Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln 22) Mike Fink Keelboats

    23) Midget Autopia 24) Disneyland Railroad 25) Mark Twain Riverboat

    26) Alice in Wonderland 27) Alweg Monorail 28) Sailing Ship Columbia

    29) Mad Tea Party 30) Conestoga Wagons 31) Stage Coach

    32) Carousel of Progress 33) Matterhorn Bobsleds 34) Haunted Mansion

    35) Astro-Jets 36) Submarine Voyage 37) Indian War Canoes 38) Skyway

    39) PeopleMover 40) Adventure thru Inner Space
    "Walt Disney World may have more than Disneyland, but Disneyland has quality, and quality triumphs over quantity" -DL_CRAZE

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    'Peter Pan' most definitely. It's a testament to Walt's lagacy that 'Peter Pan' remains very popular after nearly 50 years since it's debut at DL.


    • #3
      Do I have to have a Favorite!?!?!?! Ok...Jungle Cruise...and POTC...and the Mark Twain Riverboat....and........................... all began with a Mouse...


      • #4
        Pirates of the Caribbean and Peter Pan.
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        • #5
          GOTTA BE Peter Pan!!!!
          Such a magical journey!!!
          A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes....


          • #6
            Haunted mansion is awsome! With Special effects that are convincing to even todays standards!


            • #7
              It's SO hard to pick just one... so I'm going to say Pirates of The Caribbean.


              • #8
                Haunted Mansion...with Peter Pan coming in close second.
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                • #9
                  Matterhorn, only because it still boggles my mind how the first roller coaster of its type EVER can be actually exciting 40 years later


                  • #10
                    Matterhorn, because where else can you ride a rollercoaster in the Swiss Alps!!!


                    • #11
                      haunted mansion shouldn't count because although it was his main ideas, how it was put together was completely different from the time He died and the time it opened.
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                        I would have said Peter Pan, but with that crappy room that just has paint on the floor, and two pieces of wood that they call "Big Ben", I say POTC!

                        Honestly, that room sucks!


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                          -"We can see a new horizon...built on all that we have done..and our dreams begin another thousand circles 'round the sun!"
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                            My favorite is Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room. You know that tune is so catchy.
                            "Walt Disney World may have more than Disneyland, but Disneyland has quality, and quality triumphs over quantity" -DL_CRAZE


                            • #15
                              tiki Room!!! It opened the door for all the great animatronics that we expect from Disney!


                              • #16
                                I can't choose just one. Anything with amazing AAs.

                                Tiki Room, since it was the first.
                                PotC, because it was the best.
                                Jungle Cruise, because the spiels are awesome.
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                                • #17
                                  Uh, you forgot to put Tom Sawyer's Island on the list!! I mean it's the only attraction personally designed by Walt himself after all. Anyway, that gets my vote.


                                  • #18
                                    You're right, Joz... how could we forget? That place rules!


                                    • #19
                                      Its all about the Mark Twain, oh yea!
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                                      • #20
                                        Haunted Mansion is my favorite older attraction...and I guess we can give Walt credit for the facade but of the attractions he actually saw through to completion, it's gotta be Pirates
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