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Parade of Dreams Music- cd release


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  • Parade of Dreams Music- cd release

    Hello everyone,

    I am trying to go across the disney fan sites and see if I can get people who want the music to Parade of Dreams and Block Party Bash to make their voices heard.
    I am trying to figure out how we can make our voices much more heard so that Disneyland Merchandising and Walt Disney Records know that people, such as ourselves, want this music to be released for purchase. And that we would actually spend money on it, yes, money!!!
    I want to make it know that there is a demand for this material.

    Now, I know that writing letters or emails gets you a standard email response, but it doesn't hurt to try.
    Here is the merchandise dept., write to them specifically:

    Disneyland Resort
    Merchandise Dept.
    P.O. Box 3232
    1313 S. Harbor Blvd.
    Anaheim, CA 92803-3232

    The email page at would also help- make sure the email is directed to Merchandise.

    Also, at the forum for Magical Music of the Mouse, Randy Thornton posts there. If you could post there, or send a private message to him, that would send your voice to the man who gets all of this done. Please let him know that we do want this material, and to not let executives get in the way and think that people won't buy it, because we will!!!

    Let's make our voices HEARD!!!

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    Thank you for taking up this charge!
    My finger points.


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      anyone who wants this music, lets get our voices out there!!!


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        Can't be just the two of us, can it? :lol:
        My finger points.


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          looks like it right now !!!!


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            Count me in as well.. and I want the entire music, including variations for every float and underliners... Make my $19.99 worth it darn it!!


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              i think they should make a "Disneyland's Parades Trough the Years" cd

              I would love it if Randy Thorton made that. :bow:
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              A song to sing
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              Trough everything

              If you see the wonder
              of a FairyTale
              You can take the future
              even if you fail...

              I believe in Angels
              Something good in everything I see
              I believe in Angels
              When I know the time is right for me...

              I'll cross the stream.... I have a dream


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                I'd love the soundtrack as well! I'll join this crusade!


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                  The board is one of the best places to go and post that you want this music on cd, because Randy Thornton himself goes there and communicates with fans.
                  He is one that would be taking this on, so go there and let him know.

                  there are some current threads on there, including one like this one I started. You can also Private Message him- be polite though, he is one of the nicest guys around.


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                    Originally posted by TDLFAN
                    Count me in as well.. and I want the entire music, including variations for every float and underliners... Make my $19.99 worth it darn it!!
                    Oh but of course. I agree, I definitely want to hear the arrangements of the music from the films representing each float, as well as the overriding Brother Bear "Welcome" theme.
                    My finger points.


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                      the "welcome" theme is actually on the Press & Pub CD-ROM that was circulated heavily on 5/4. If you can get a hold of one, you can rip the show stop music off of it (which I have done).
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                        Originally posted by Mr. Disney
                        i think they should make a "Disneyland's Parades Through the Years" cd
                        Excellent idea.

                        I'm also hoping that they'll come out with a comprehensive "Christmas at Disneyland" set. They include the big 3 overlays on the 6-disc set, but I want parades, the Nutcracker show, everything!

                        And how about a CD called "The Complete Main Street Electrical Parade"? The MSEP has morphed again and again throughout the years, but there's never been a definitive release of the history of the parade. The Fantasmic! release came close (Return to Oz, anyone ), but it was still lacking a lot.
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                          what exactly did the press kit look like?


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