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  • Questions about Pressed Pennies

    I have decided to start a pressed penny collection. I understand that they have added 50 designs for the Anniversary. I guess the goal is to get them all. Just like seeing all the hidden 50 Mickeys.

    First question. Are the machines easy to find, or are they hidden away in corners? I do have a list of the locations. Having never been to Disneyland before, that may be a problem, only for me, not for the frequent Disneyland visitor.

    Second Question. Will I be able to purchase the pressed penny books in Disneyland Park, or Downtown Disney? I am assuming, that they probably have special ones for the 50th. What can I expect to pay for one of these? I am assuming I most probably will need more than one.

    My grandson collects pins, and that can get quite costly. He has his own spending money for those. I decided that pressing pennies would be a fun extra activity for us. We are visiting Disneyland for the first time from the 16th of July to the 22nd. I am smart enough to realize that the crowds will mosty likely be out of control. This pressed penny project is not a "do or die thing" Just thought of it as an interesting side thing.

    So I would appreciate any tips, that anyone can provide on this interesting hobby. My pennies are all cleaned, and my quarters are packed. I will come with enough for the 50, and see what evolves. That change can get pretty heavy in my carryon.

    Thanks for any info on this.

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    pressed pennies

    Go to for info on the 50th pennies and locations.


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      You can also get the list from City Hall on Main Street! Also, there are nickle and quarter machines! all began with a Mouse...


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        We bought our pressed penny book for $4.95 two years ago, and I checked in December, and it was the same price.

        It's one of my four year old's favorite souvenirs, actually, and it's pretty hefty when it's full. We really like ours. Especially the Tinkerbell pressed quarters! Those are so cool.

        Also, the machines are everywhere, once you're looking!! And once you're looking, and filling up a book, it's hard to walk past one.


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          Originally posted by stinkerbell
          Also, the machines are everywhere, once you're looking!! And once you're looking, and filling up a book, it's hard to walk past one.
          I completely agree with stinkerbell! I have the collecting bug that can get obsessive if I let it. My wife and I worked out a deal that I wouldn't go nuts with Disney "collectibles" simply because so much is designed for that reason only. I have always loved pressed pennies from when I was a kid and so that is my one and only Disney collection that I maintain.

          My biggest tip is to keep it fun! Now, since you only have a limited time to get the 50th pressed coins, my self-imposed rules may be of no interest to you, but this is how I go about collecting the pressed pennies:

          1. I only collect the pennies (not quarters or other coins)
          2. At any given machine, I only choose 1 design (instead of all 3 at most locations).
          3. I can only visit any given set of machines once during a visit to a Disney park.
          4. I only go out of my way to visit 1 property resort specifically looking for a pressed penny machine.

          I created these rules so that I can keep it fun for myself and treat it like a fun hobby and not a listed scavenger hunt obsession! We visit Disney parks quite frequently and so it keeps the hunt fun as well. I could easily carry a few pounds of pennies and quarters in a day long quest for every pressed coin on some list, but then I ruin a day at a park and the fun of finding a machine by accident tucked in a little nook!

          Enjoy pressed penny hunting!


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            That is exactly the 'spirit' with which I want to start my collection. Vacations to Disney Parks are suppose to be fun. Keeping them stress free, can be hard, but with good planning, they can be that too.

            Thanks for all the good feedback and the tips.


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     has the complete list of the locations here:
     - it is listed first by year, then locatin (better to go by) at the bottom.

              And also check out

              They also have a new 50th edition of the pressed penny book, looks really nice!


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                There's an older thread on here that has some great tips.

                One tip is that if you want your pennies to last and look nice, it's a good idea to press only all copper pennies. All pennies made 1981 and earlier are all copper, anything latter than that is copper with a zinc core. The pressing machine exposes the zinc, which oxidises and can ultimatly damage the penny.


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