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Disneyland Webcams


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  • Disneyland Webcams

    You know, I was just watching the excellent "Mattercam" provided to us by the Hojo Anaheim Hotel:

    The fireworks started. I watched as the shells exploded. After a few minutes, it occured to me: I had the CD, so why not play the music as well.

    Within a minute, and by sheer luck, I was able to synchronize the music exactly with what I was watching. As the camera refreshed about once a second, the shells exploded perfectly in time with the music playing through my speakers. Though over 40 miles away, I was watching the Disneyland fireworks.

    And so I thought: "Why doesn't Disney do this?".

    Well, they used to. There were, until a few years ago, live webcams in all four of the Walt Disney World theme parks. But those cameras were switched off, leaving the rest of us craving for more. I've heard that Disney installed webcams with the intent to do a similar thing here in California, but never did.

    I say, the webcams should come back. Focusing on Disneyland (because this is the Disneyland Resort forum, after all) here's my ideas for some webcams that could be (fairly simply) installed:

    Main Street USA (From the Train Station) A camera pointing from the train station, down Main Street USA toward Sleeping Beauty Castle. At night, the fireworks soundtrack could be (optionally) played in your browser in sync with the fireworks.

    The Hub/Main Street USA (From Sleeping Beauty Castle) From that famous landmark, sleeping beauty castle, pointing down at the hub and Main Street USA towards the train station.

    Adventureland (From Tarzan's Treehouse) From Tarzan's Treehouse, pointing down at Adventureland.

    Rivers of America (From the Disney Gallery) This one I think could really look great. Providing a view of the Rivers of America and New Orleans Square during the day, and of Fantasmic! (also with optional syncronized music) at night. For a preview of what this camera would look like, see my video here.

    Critter Country (Pointing at Slpash Mountain) Pointing toward Splash Mountain, so you can watch falling logs all day long!

    Fantasyland (From it's a small world) Pointing at Fantasyland, from it's a small world.

    Submarine Lagoon (From the Matterhorn) Pointing at the Submarine Lagoon. Or, alternatively, since this is the highest point in Disneyland, why not an overview of the park?

    Tomorrowland (From the Observatron) From the Observatron, as it is called, overlooking Innoventions, Space Mountain and Honey I Shrunk the Kids.

    The Monorail Why not a camera mounted on one of the monorails. It would be right in the nosecone, so you can 'ride' on the monorail as it takes its many trips back and forth to Downtown Disney and back.

    So those are just a few ideas; the possibilities are endless. Not to mention Disney's California Adventure and Downtown Disney!

    So who's with me. Come on Disney! Give us some Disneyland Resort webcams! (and while you're at it, bring back those WDW cams too :ap: )

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