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A note on the TSI Rafts and the Coast Guard

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  • A note on the TSI Rafts and the Coast Guard

    Contrary to Al's comment that the capacity of the Tom Sawyer Island rafts is limited by the Coast Guard to 45 passengers, the Coast Guard is specifically NOT involved or interested in anything that floats at Disneyland. That decision was made many moons ago by the local Coast Guard marine safety office, and is still in effect. The Rivers of America is not a "navigable waterway" under federal law....

    The reasons for the passenger capacity limitation fall directly on WDI and some TDA engineers. The two new rafts took years to put into operation, and even then, some mistakes were made on the new docks. The major reason for the passenger count limitation involves buoyancy and boarding heights. Put too many folks on the rafts, and those riding near the "bow" will see water over their toes.

    Be interesting to see what WDI comes up with as an alternative to the rafts, if the Pirates Island theme goes through as contemplated.

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    Re: A note on the TSI Rafts and the Coast Guard

    i was under the impression that we only allowed 45 due to number of flotation vests available..