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  • I Dream Of Disney

    So I had this dream last night, and woke up with a great idea. I know I can't be the only one who has the occasional Disneyland dream. So if anyone else dreams about the happiest place on earth, tell us. (I hope I'm not the only one, lol. That would really freak me out.)

    Last night, I had a dream where my friends and I stopped by Disneyland. It was right at closing time, and Space Mountain was finally open. We had to beg the CM that was greeting everyone at the entrance to let us in line. Coincidentally, that CM was Michael Eisner, lol. So we waited in line, but by the time we got to the front, the ride broke down. At that point I woke up, very disappointed. I know it's not the most exciting dream. Anyone else have a dream recently?

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    I've had weird dreams about Disneyland where the park is completely rearranged, but I still know where everything is. The last one I had they had added a Millenium Falcon ride to TL and I was running to get to it. Mary Poppins caught me and told me to stop, but I didn't. Just as I got on the ride actually fell over. I guess I should have listened to her.
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      I've had a couple.
      My last one was on May 5th!
      I don't remember the details anymore but it was GREAT!!
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        I've also had dreams where I'm in a completely re-arranged Disneyland, but still manage to navigate around easily.

        Once, I dreamt I built a full size LEGO Disneyland, but everything broke because nothing was reinforced with re-bar. Pity.


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          I had a great dream about Disneyland once. I don't remember about what exactly, I just remember that it was pretty awesome.
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            Heh, I have them every so often, but Disneyland isn't *quite* like I see it in real life in it's Disneyland, but like a Disneyland that never was, or a Disneyland of the Future. It's really weird that they come out like that, too. o_o One I vividly remember dreaming about was that Villains' Land that was rumored...lemme say, my dream version of it was downright creepy, and scary, and frightening and,...and quite frankly, I *loved* it. Though, my dream version of DL must of had more land...because the "Villains Land" in them was PAST those gates beside Splash Mountain. xD Surprisingly, I can remember some of what it looked like, but no details on rides (can't remember if i went on any in that...) : gothicish abstract buildings similar to Halloweentown in NMBC, with black skeletal trees surrounding it, with red and green eyes blinking in them, in contrast to the park's alive, 'sparkling' trees. A super-creepy looking fountain with misty "smoke" coming out of it in the center of the land, the Horned King from the Black Cauldron and Maleficent the centerpiece of it, the smoke/mist bellowing from the cauldron in front of Horned King and from Maleficent's scepter. Villains and some of Maleficent's goons were skulking around and leering at people, and Villain Mountain, which actually much resembled Bald Mountain in the original Fantasia, loomed in the short distance behind the fountain, flashes of "lightning", and thunder rumbling from it.


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              With all the 50th coverage, and our upcoming move (I'll be a Californian in less than a week) its no wonder I'm having Disney Dreams!
              The other night I was on a scavenger hunt in Disneyland, I was with a big group of people I knew in the dream, but awake I have no idea who they were. I was looking for Mickey Waffles for breakfast, but everyone was telling me there wasn't enough time, we had to move it. Very, very bizzare...
              (mmmm....Mickey Wafles.......)
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                I don't dream often but when I do it usually involves DL. But in my dreams DL never works like it should. The rides are always falling apart, or I keep falling out of the ride and then places are always bigger than they really are so it's easy to get side tracked and lost. I hate dreaming about DL because it only makes me want to go that much more.


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