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Most Magical things at the Disney Parks?


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  • Most Magical things at the Disney Parks?

    A majority of the time, if you ask that question, people will respond with the parade and/or the fireworks.

    Let's pretend. There are no parades or fireworks at either of two parks in California.

    So what other magical things, keep you coming back to Disneyland?

    For you cynics out there - remember there are times when theme parks do not show either parades or fireworks, and the visitors still come.

    So share your magical moments here.

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    Just entering the park and walking down mainstreet.....Love the Magic feeling I get!
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      We just really enjoy the "escape". My life is quite hectic and DL (with all the sounds, smells and especially the lighting) is an awesome place to hide...

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        Definitely the "escape" for me too. Like I have a huge portfolio tomorrow, but I'm going to work solid from now until 7:45 pm, then I'm going to head out to walk down Main Street, see the fireworks, and come back home to do some more work.
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          Probably walking down Main Street, then getting something to eat. :0
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            Originally posted by Barbaraann
            A majority of the time, if you ask that question, people will respond with the parade and/or the fireworks.


            So what other magical things, keep you coming back to Disneyland?


            So share your magical moments here.
            I really like this topic, especially the way you phrased your questions. Here's what initially came to my mind:

            Magical moments at Disneyland usually cannot be forced or pre-planned. Instead, they usually occur serendipitously. I can remember an amazing moment as I stood on the third level of the Mark Twain one late afternoon and caught a glimpse of a breathtaking sunset. Or another time when I saw a mother cry after her developmentally disabled son was picked by Merlin to be the next Sword in the Stone sorcerer. And every time I visit the park, countless children hug their favorite character with great love.

            Disneyland is a celebration of childhood innocence. I make countless returns to the park because if I look close enough, I can glimpse an ideal childhood that exists only in fanstasy books, and I can reflect back upon my own past with wonderous nostolgia. That, IMO, is magical.


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              Cute CMs, baby!
              And the characters!
              And the taffy!
              And the rides????
              Good morning, son
              In twenty years from now
              Maybe we'll both sit down and have a few beers
              And I can tell you 'bout today
              And how I picked you up and everything changed
              It was pain
              Sunny days and rain
              I knew you'd feel the same things...



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                I experienced the most magical sight *EVER* of any Disney park at Disneyland. It was the beginning of the DL 30th anniversary all nighter party on July 17th, 1985. Right at midnight, a colorful rainbow was lit up into the nightime sky behind Sleeping Beauty Castle as Tinkerbell flew over it sprinkling golden pixie dust! it was BREATHTAKING! Any one else here attended this event???


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                  I can only pick just one?

                  I would have to say it's just the...the vibe I get as soon as I walk through that turnstile, under the DRR tracks and see Main Street for the first time. I always feel as if I never left, even if months have gone by. Not to jump on a cliche, but I always DO feel like I'm coming home when I go to Disneyand. I think the most magical thing is that I just can't stop smiling until my face hurts when I get there. For me that's better than fireworks any day!
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                    For me it is just the feelig of being in the park I too feel like I am home when I am at DL... it is a place where the outside world cant get to you and all of your troubles are gone as soo as you walk under thoes tracks... Here you leave the world of today and evnter the world of yeaterday tomarrow and fantasy... it is the best things that could be written above there...
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                      The lighting in Frontierland. I love those "lanterns", the way they flicker. I like the way light is used as a "character" in each particular setting in which its used.
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                        There's something about walking down Main Street at dusk, going into the Emporium (or grabbing an ice cream) and coming back out to see all the lights turned on. Ahhhhh.
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                          THE Most Magical thing? More than ANY ride or attration, event or scenery...

                          Look Down.

                          Seeing the looks on Kids faces as they see it. Whatever they are looking at. Waiting in anticipation for a ride. Watching a parade, Seeing thier favorite character. Winding up thier day with the Fireworks. Just enjoying a moment of being there. it is in thier faces i see the true magic of Disneyland

                          THEY are the true heart of Disneyland.
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                            I have to agree that the most magical thing is just entering the park. It give a wonderful feeling!


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                              Originally posted by JiminyCricketFan
                              I have to agree that the most magical thing is just entering the park. It give a wonderful feeling!
                              I agree! I'm sure I'm not the only one here who gets chills when I read the plaque above the tunnels:

                              Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.

                              What are the pumping into the Anaheim air, anyway?


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                                The most magical thing about Disneyland is entering Mainstreet with the animated windows, the bustle of double decker buses, and knowing that at the end of the street is the hub to all the adventures that await you for the rest of the day.

                                My most magical memory was catching a bite to eat just as the sun was coming up over the rivers of america. It was the 25 hour 25th birthday party and the park was nearly empty aside from costumed CM's wondering the banks of the river.


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                                  My most magical moment at DL was when I was four. Mind you this was only 12 years ago. lol.... Anyway, I had spent the whole day looking for Cinderella. We didn't even go on any rides, that's how obsessed I was. So finally when I found her (after hours searching), I said "Cinderella, where's your prince?" and she said "oh, he's getting ready for the parade tonight." she could tell i was amazed by her presense and she said "At the parade I will wave to you special"
                                  And... at the parade.. she did!! I was in shock. (remember I was only four at the time) But that moment makes me cry every time I think about it.


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                                    Re: Most Magical things at the Disney Parks?

                                    Aww!! Thats lovely!
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                                      Re: Most Magical things at the Disney Parks?

                                      For me it's walking through the tunnel beneath the railway from the enterance into Main Street.

                                      It makes my heart swell till i think it's gonna bust with happiness.
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                                        Re: Most Magical things at the Disney Parks?

                                        Most: Like many others have said...

                                        Walking through the tunnel on to Main Street, no matter what music is playing, it sounds like Disneyland.

                                        Second most: Walking through Sleeping Beauty Castle and hearing "When You Wish Upon a Star"

                                        Yep, Disneyland is my escape. I try very hard to leave the outside out when I'm in. There's time enough for all the outside stuff some other time.

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