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What's the best day to check in?


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  • What's the best day to check in?

    It's time for a little hair-of-the-dog. I'm crashing from my Disney high and need to take the edge off. So I'm thinking my next trip...ten million years from now (at least, it feels that way). I'm wondering what day is the best to check in. I've had two experiences now of being the last to check in and left with no choice of room.
    I've checked in on Saturday and was beaten by the weekenders.
    I've checked in on Friday and was beaten by the Thursday arrivals and the convention goers.
    So what day is the best to check in and have the maximum room availability?
    The only caveat is a November arrival.
    I'd love to be able to check in, ask for a Grizzly Peak view on an upper floor, and actually have a room available for me.
    Of course, I'd love to win the lottery, too...
    Originally posted by All4dISNEY
    Words hurt.

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    Re: What's the best day to check in?

    you never is always a shot in the dark. This is a busy time. Everyone wants to come see the decorations and there are lots of conventions as well as banquets and other events.


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      Re: What's the best day to check in?

      A Monday, or a Tuesday.

      I have a big problem, this year, because I'm checking in on a Saturday, and I can't be sure I'll arrive early.

      Supposedly, some say, on this Board that GCH holds rooms for you, in advance of your showing up.

      They may have some sort of check-in by phone.

      My feeling is that there's no guarantees until you actually sign-off and are in the room.

      Again, others say different.

      You could look on the room-map, which is at , and pick out an exact number, and floor. Call in advance and given them the exact room and see if they'll pull it and hold it for you.

      But, be flexible if that doesn't work out.
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        Re: What's the best day to check in?

        Well, when I made my ressie this year, I asked for a view of Grizzly, explaining that my 2005 theme-park view was pretty much just of the balcony next to me, since it was in a corner.
        Then this year, they had blocked chunks of rooms for the conventioneers, and wouldn't/couldn't give me access to those.
        And you're right about the conventions...three just this past weekend that sold out the place.
        I'm wondering if the week before Thanksgiving would have been a better choice. I doubt many companies would have a short work week with a convention right before a short work week for a holiday.
        Tough, tough, tough. Maybe I should just book the El Capitan Suite. At least I know what kind of view I'll have.
        Originally posted by All4dISNEY
        Words hurt.


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          Re: What's the best day to check in?

          Monday is a great day to check-in.


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