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  • Wonder who was first

    An odd thought popped into my head today. I wonder who was the first person to ride the different rides at Disneyland before they opened. I am sure they used human like dummies to test saftey and such at first. But there was a time that the first person - imagineer? engineer? construction worker? - was the first human being to sit in a rocket on Disneyland's Space Mountain and ride it for the very first time, a human being sit in a boat on Pirates and be the first person(s) to actually ride through the attraction. I would be curious who those people were?


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    I've wondered that on ocassion myself! No clue, though!
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      I bet it's CMs. How lucky can you get?

      Up until he died, I bet it was Walt. If I were him I'd definitely be using my executive privileges on that!
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        At some parks I have worked at the rides are first usually tested with ride dummies and once it is deemed safe then the people who built it or the company executives are next. Then some parks let the workers who will be maintaining the attraction on next. After that is done then cast members are usually given a chance to test out the attraction before it is opened to the public.


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          I think "first" is pretty darn vague when you've got people in the building youknow building it and then all the other phases towards completion
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