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AP: renew or get new ones?


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  • AP: renew or get new ones?

    Here's the story. Our DAPs expire on July 15th. We know we can renew 30 days ahead which would be June 15th.
    Our next trip is May 19th/20th and again on June 10th/11th. (June 10th is blacked out but we will be there for a conference at GCH)

    Our question is, should we continue to use our APs and renew them by mail? Would they renew them earlier at the park?

    Or should we buy new ones on either of our next two trips, knowing we will be giving up a little more than a month before they expire.

    Now why would we do such a thing, you ask? Well, since we wouldn't be using them between June 11th and July 15th when they expire, it's no dramatic loss.
    Our concern is price increase. We had heard that the AP prices usually are increased before the summer season. If we bought new ones now, we would get them at the current price and then next year we could also renew again before the next price increase (hopefully).

    Does this make sense?

    I would love to hear any comments on this! On which trip should we buy them? If we waited until June 12th we could purchase a ticket on a blackout day and then get into the park to upgrade, but would the prices already have increased by then? Or should we just buy new ones next week, or should we just quit worrying since it's only money?! (sorry can't do that, I will be taking a 50% cut in pay in a couple months)

    Thanks so much!
    L + L = R

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