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AP Hotel Discounts in November?


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  • AP Hotel Discounts in November?

    Hey everybody!

    My out-of-state brother and I are planning a trip to the DLR together for November (week of Thanksgiving). My family will want to convert our passes to APs (if we wait that long ..... we may get APs before then). I might not wait if there would be AP discounts at the Hotels that week ..... are there any guesses as to the possibility (considering past history, effects of 50th celebration, etc.) of AP discounts that week? If the AP discount isn't there, we'll probably stay at a Good Neighbor ......
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    Sometimes the AP discount isn't much of a discount.

    On a whim, I checked Expedia for rates on February 12th. Grand Californian Hotel $209!! Then I called Disney Reservations, they quoted me...with AP discount....$270. After some negotiating, got them down to...ready for this....$265.

    I also checked Disneyland Hotel. It was also significantly higher.

    I'm not sure if you get a better deal with Disney Reservations if you book a package, but if you're booking a hotel (especially a holiday weekend), you might want to check out other travel websites (Expedia, Travelocity, etc).


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