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Fun & Craziness at Disney (Trip Report)


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  • Fun & Craziness at Disney (Trip Report)

    My trip to DLR
    Well, first off, I totally missed the 50th celebration- so my visit last Thursday and Friday was the first in several years. However, all of you keep me informed about what's up at the resort. Nonetheless, it was a lot of fun to see firsthand what you guys have been talking about here on MiceChat.

    Hurray for the DREAM PASS!
    On Thursday we got off to an early start at the resort and when we got into the first room of HMH - we were greeted with, "Congratulations! ... you've just won a Dream Pass" (with fastpasses for all the major attractions in both parks). We especially appreciated it later in the day when both parks got insanely busy. True, it wasn't a new car or a lifetime AP ... but it sure was nice while it lasted.

    What's with the crowds?
    If Thursday afternoon and evening were insane, then Friday had to be totally PSYCHO. Unbelieveable amounts of people were in Disneyland. I usually try to go off season and I had no idea that school would be out for Veterans Day. We wanted to be there when they were performing Fantasmic and the new Holiday fireworks - but as it was - it was really too crowded to enjoy them. We ended up having to exit backstage of Main Street. I have to say, the cast members were great. There were a lot of grumpy people for them to deal with - but, by and large, they do a great job.

    New life for old attractions
    OK ... I've decided that I'm a big fan of plus-ing older rides. For example, as much as everyone loves Pirates, I haven't seen that much interest in this attraction for many years. The sound is vastly improved. There is a stronger storyline. And you even have some "Wow-factor" with the new Davey Jones effect. This is also the first time I've seen HMH - and I thought it was GREAT! It was fun and fresh and gave this attraction an entirely different feel. Space Mtn. was even more fun with the smoother ride, new music and effects. Even Small World Holiday was packing them in. It was great to have a mix of the classic attraction with all the Christmas songs and decorations. This ride was really ready for some new life. I have to tell you that more than ever, I find myself agreeing with those who contend that Disneland should not become a museum of creeky old rides. Walt was an innovator ... so I say keep on innovating!

    California Adventure - the good, the bad, and the ugly.
    I've always felt that DCA had potential. My past visits have been mostly enjoyable, but always left you with the impression that things were "half-baked". Well ... it's certainly not there yet ... but I'm still hopeful. I was mostly disappointed with Monsters Inc. It's just not as charming as it could be. Tower of Terror is fun - but again, it really does pale next to it's cousin in Florida. The changes to Paradise Pier can't come too soon for me. I have to keep reminded myself that I'm not at a Six Flags Parks when I'm there. They really do need a great night time show at DCA. I say this mostly because all the park-hoppers and APs all left the DCA at about the same time to make it over for Fantasmi & the Holiday Believe fireworks at Disneyland - and we waited 45 minutes just to reenter. What a mess! It was absolute chaos and a really unpleasant moment for someone who can only get to there every few years.

    Indiana Jones - a shadow of its former self.
    For some time you guys have been talking about the problems with this atrraction and I can certainly understand why. When it first opened, this attraction was a true jaw-dropper. The cue alone is the best at the resort - and the way they are doing crowd management seems to move the line more quickly (even without a fastpass). However, the effects are really pathetic these days. It used to be that when your jeep entered the big room that there were fireballs so big that you could feel the heat. The lava looked like it was steaming and it general this room was more brightly lit. Now when you come to that room you have no sense of awe or amazement. It's really sad. It's sad too when the jeep stops for an effect that hasn't worked in years. If you can't fix the old effect - at least try to put in something new so that it makes sense! I'm thinking that eventually they'll just turn off all the lights so that you won't know that half the attraction isn't working correctly. Having said that, I hope that they do a major refurb of this ride - update the effects - and bring it back to its former glory.

    Annual Passholders - the good & bad.
    I talked with a lot of APers during my 2 days at the resort. They were pretty much everywhere. I have come to the conclusion that having so many of them is a mixed blessing. Unlike Florida, the APers really do hold the management to a certain standard. They are opinionated and vocal - and when things aren't up to snuff - they pull a lot of weight. In order to keep them happy, the management must stay on top of things - which I think is a very good thing. However, for those of us who visit Disney less frequently, such a large percentage of APers really does impact our ability to see and enjoy the resort. I have to say that those ornery blackout dates that drive you guys so crazy really could help to keep the crowds more manageable. That said, the APers I met were all really nice people. A lot of them were young couples who bring their younger kids for a few hours at a time so that they don't get too worn-out. Hey, if I lived in southern CA, I would definely have an AP.

    Please forgive me for the long post.
    I really do love Disney and it's fun to hear from like-minded folks. Since I live so far away, I never post anything so I guess I felt compelled to make up for lost time. Please keep all your thoughts and insigts coming.


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    Re: Fun & Craziness at Disney

    Welcome MONTEJ! Congratulations on the Dream Pass! I hope I'm as lucky as you in a couple of weeks...


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      Re: Fun & Craziness at Disney

      wow! welcome! congrats on the dream fastpass! you have some great insights on things...keep 'em comin'!
      A true Disney gal…princess at heart, forever dreamer, constant believer :love: :ghug:

      In serious need of a Disneyland trip
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        Re: Fun & Craziness at Disney

        Welcome to Micechat! Congratulations on your fastpass!

        Happiest Memories on Earth!


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          Re: Fun & Craziness at Disney


          Welcome to the micechat room
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            Re: Fun & Craziness at Disney

            Welcome and great observations! Not an overly long post at all.

            I'm glad you got back to DL to see all the cool stuff they have been doing and too bad it had to be when Veteran's Day, Christmas fireworks opening, and parade filming were all converging.

            I was only there on Friday night and I could not get in the door!

            I didn't make any kind of "stink" because I am a Silent APer and understand the attendance requirements. Plus, if someone from another state who hasn't been in a few years can get in if I stay out - I can wait.

            Very cool abut the Dream FP as well! Seems like the Early Bird catches those.
            How much do we have to pay to get MiceChat Old?
            :monkey: :monkey:


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              Kindness to out-of-state guests by APs

              Thanks for the kind words. I've actually been lurking around this forum for over a year - but since I hadn't gotten the chance to make it to the resort, I didn't feel like I had much to contribute.

              I also think it's very kind of APs to be sensitive to those of us who are from out of state. Fortunately for me, this trip was without kids (just my wife & I) and the unexpected bonus of having a Dream Pass on Thursday allowed us to see everything we really wanted to see. Friday, however, was crazy - and I can't imagine having been there with my children with a limited time to see things. I would have been VERY frustrated - and those park hopper passes aren't cheap either.

              I read someone else's post about how, in the old days, Disney used to really market special events to the locals - with big name entertainment and the like. It's painful to think of what the crowds would be life if they still did that.

              I also have to tell you that I'm jealous of you AP families who have the option of popping into the resort for a few hours with your kids just to catch a new show or attraction. I've read on these forums that every opening ride is flooded with APers for months. It really makes me wonder what the wait will be like for the low capacity "Finding Nemo Subs".

              Once again I want to say how impressed I was with the friendliness of all the APs I met. If I lived in Southern CA I'm certain that I would join your ranks. As it is, I'm just grateful for your kind words and the chance to put in my 2 cents.



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