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Single riders?


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  • Single riders?

    Hi everyone, I'm Steve, I've been reading a few posts and thought I would sign up and join in a bit. I'm an PAP holder from the Sacramento area and make a number of trips to Disneyland duroing the year and also WDW about every other year. My next trip to D/L is with my G/F and her kid over Thanksgiving, next Christmas its WDW for us. With busy scheduals I have been know to make the 400 plus mile drive alone for a day or two at the parks and I always mange to have fun even alone. My last trip alone was last month and I was suprised by how crowded the parks were, but I grab a fastpass and move on and do something else and come back if lines seem a bit long and things have worked out well for me. In the thread on Disneyland secrets a couple of people mentioned single rider lines. I know Indie used to have a single rider line then it seemed to vanish and I was told they no longer let single riders bypass the standby lines. In fact a few years ago I made a trip to WDW alone and emailed ahead of time to ask about single riders and was told they didnt do it. (GM test track seems to be the exception) Is there a way to bypass long lines if your alone at the parks? Request single rider status from a CM or use the fastpass line? I often see open seats that a single ride can fill.

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    Re: Single riders?

    Splash Mountain is the only ride in the park that has single rider.
    Talk to the Fastpass entrance cast member and they'll direct you.


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      Re: Single riders?

      In Disneyland, the only attraction with a Single Rider line is 'Splash Mountain'.

      In Disney's California Adventure, there's a Single Rider line for:

      - Soarin' Over California
      - California Screamin'
      - Grizzly River Run
      - Maliboomer
      - Mulholland Madness

      Exactly the reason I spent so many afternoons in DCA before Micechat. If you're a Single Rider you can basically do the entire park in an hour or two.
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        Re: Single riders?

        Note, not all DCA attractions offer Single RIder all the time, some of the attractions only offer Single Rider during the busier times.....

        Grizzly River Run, Maliboomer and Mulholland Madness only offer SR during busier times.
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