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Fishbulb's 11/12/06 Trip Report


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  • Fishbulb's 11/12/06 Trip Report

    It was a beautiful day at the park on Sunday. Though Dusty and I were afraid of another sell out day in Disneyland I insisted we go as new people like MissViolet, Mellonballer, Frecky and BFJen were gonna be there. "We GOTTA GO!" I said. Dustysage, GeminiCricket and myself piled in the car and got to the resort early to make sure we could get in.

    We snuck in the side entrance to the parking structure and were sent straight up to Donald.


    We ended up with a decent spot and headed towards the escalators.

    We feared the worst, anticipating hordes of people at the tram stop below but it was surprisingly sparse. COOL!

    Tram crowds were lite. NICE!

    "Okay," I thought, "The security Main Gate lines are going to be murder then."

    The security lines

    We got out at DTD and again, an average line through the security tents that moved quickly. "Well surely the lines will be terrible at the gates." I thought. We got to the Esplanade and were stunned to see no lines at all at 11:00am. I guess it pays to show up early to the meet.

    Lines into Disneyland

    Lines into DCA

    Holiday Magic. For reals!

    After making it through the gates and down a less than busy Main Street we headed over to Space Mountain for FP's.

    Bottlenecks of the future!

    In the future, Entertainment will only perform
    the same thing over and over

    Oooooh look! No line at HISTA!

    We got an excellent return time, 2:50-3:30 and then decided to kill some time before the meet. "What is it we NEVER do?" I asked. "Autopia," Dusty said, Let's see what the wait is."

    The new store

    Yeah, that's the entire store

    We headed over to Autopia and the wait was a healthy 35 minutes. With only 25 minutes to spare now before the meet we thought it best just to ride the train back to Main Street and be a little early to the hub than a lot late.

    A Hatmosphere with no Hats. Hmmmmm

    TL Station

    I LOVE the Diorama. So Old School!

    We then strolled, again, up Main Street. As the hub cam into view we saw that even though it was 10 minutes till thee were many MC'ers already there.


    Fishy and Judimouse

    MCCow1 and his beautiful Wife

    Dustysage meets Missviolet and her husband Dustin

    MaxandBellesMom attacks the camera

    BFJen Makes it to the hub at noon!

    Dustin and Missviolet

    Dave Marx

    Missviolet meets Crazylegs on my cellphone

    We got to meet these four new faces! BFJen,
    Frecky, BFJen,MellonBaller and the lovely MissViolet.

    The Converse Crew!

    DisneySara did not wear her Cons! HA HA!

    Morrigoon showed up and then we all decided to go eat at the Hungry Bear Restaurant.

    Morrigoon on Main Street


    They were filming Battle Royale 3 in Critter Country

    RoseRedAngel in line for food

    "Fishy?!?! What are you doing?" says Frecky.


    DisneySara, GeminiCricket, RoseRedAngel, and MellonBaller

    After everyone was full we all decided to ride Pirates. The line was only slightly longer than average and we could all use a little boat ride. This is my favorite ride in the park. Such a great family ride.

    Morrigoon says goodbye to the group for the day

    Our group in line for Pirates. What's GC smiling about?

    Blue Bayou

    Skeletons kids! Look at the Skeletons!

    Mellonballer seemd to like it
    Our relaxing pirate adventure came to an end and we decided we needed more boat time.* The group then decided on It's a Small World Holiday. I was excited too as I didn't even realize it was open yet. As we left from Pirates MonorailMan called me up and said he FINALLY made it to the resort. I told him where we were headed as he got on the parking trams into the park. We traveled to IASWH by way of Big thunder trail. Along the way we stopped to see the reindeer over at Santa's Round-up.


    Big Thunder

    Small world was all bright, shiny and new. Although we were seeing the facade in the daytime, without the pretty Christmas lights on, it was still goregeous.

    Our group of now 11 braved past the sea of strollers and screaming kids and got in line.


    MonorailMan got in touch with me by phone to see where we were in line. He found us.

    GeminiCricket and MonorailMan

    It's a Small World Holiday

    Now 12 in number we climbed aboard our happy little boat for a voyage around the world of HOLIDAYS AROUND THE WORLD minus JustJohn and SimplySabrina who had a terrible thong accident that needed attention.

    The ride sparkeld and shined.

    Are those....


    MonorailMan seemd to like it

    As we got off JustJohn and SimplySabrina were waiting for us at the exit and we realized that to take advantage of our Space Mountain Fast Passes before we left we would have to hurry and cross the parade route that was threatening to become blocked off at any second!


    We raced down the escape hatch area along the parade route...

    past Storybook land Canal boats, and our large group bolted across the parade route moments before walt yelled "WACCCCEM!"

    Look! Wall Land! The most magical land of all!

    Only 6 of us had FP's for Space and, though they didn't have to, the others including RoseredAngel, SimplySabrina, JustJohn, and SocalJoeyB offered to just wait for us outside and watch our stuff. I LOVE THEM!

    MaxandBelle'sMom, Max, MonorailMan, GeminiCricket, Dustysage and I all headed into Space Mountain. This was a very special trip into Space as it was Max's first trip.

    Max, MaxandBellesMom, MonorailMan, GeminiCricket, and Dustysage

    The Spaceship above the Space Mountain loading area

    Max seemed to LOVE IT!

    Well now it was time to go. We said our goodbyes to the lovely group and GeminiCricket, Dustysage andmyself navigated through the dense crowds of Tomorrowland to get out of the park.

    Bye everyone!

    What's in them Churros? Really!

    It was so nice to see new friends at the meet. MissViolet is adorable, BFJen is a true sweetheart, MellonBaller is way cool, and Frecky? Well Frecky is just down to Earth and cool as heck. Funny too. We also got to meet Dave and Jennifer Marx who write the PassPorter books. They freely gave out copies of their book and pins for all. They were very sweet.

    It was a fun day at the park.

    THE END!
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    Re: Fishbulb's 11/12/06 Trip Report

    Woo hoo! Those are my toes! I am soooo wearing my Converse next week.

    Fishbulb, you rock!


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      Re: Fishbulb's 11/12/06 Trip Report

      Great trip report Fishie, glad it wasn't too jam packed to have tons of fun!

      I still can't believe you've gone every friggin weekend since the WDW trip
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        Re: Fishbulb's 11/12/06 Trip Report

        Great report and pics, Fishy.


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          Re: Fishbulb's 11/12/06 Trip Report

          Great report.....AGAIN!!! Sorry I missed it! Looks like fun was had by all!!
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            Re: Fishbulb's 11/12/06 Trip Report

            early?? thats nothing.. imagine leaving for Disney before the sun rises

            great photos...


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              Re: Fishbulb's 11/12/06 Trip Report

              great report!


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                Re: Fishbulb's 11/12/06 Trip Report

                I will add to the meeting Photo.
                Judimouse and ?

                Mcow1 & wife

                Fishbulb & Judumouse

                Darkbeer & Dustysage

                sorry new camera Missviolet & Fishbulb


                Belle'smom & Frecky

                Mellon baller I'm Bfjen


                Dave Marx

                ?? mom??

                left to right frecky, BFjen, Mellonballer and last MissViolet

                Max & Belle'smom & Frecky

                Sorry if i miss you
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                  Re: Fishbulb's 11/12/06 Trip Report

                  Great report as always Fishy :clap:

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                    Re: Fishbulb's 11/12/06 Trip Report

                    haha!! I totally saw those Japanese students all over the park too!

                    My best score ever!


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                      Re: Fishbulb's 11/12/06 Trip Report

                      wow! awesome pics and report as usual! :thumbup:
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                        Re: Fishbulb's 11/12/06 Trip Report

                        greay photos fishy. I dont think redroseangel AN take a bad pic!!!!! Miss violet is sooo cute
                        Katie :yea:
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                          Re: Fishbulb's 11/12/06 Trip Report

                          Aww! Looks like fun. I got too bogged down at school and couldn't get away, but I will come join the fun sometime.


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                            Re: Fishbulb's 11/12/06 Trip Report

                            Thanks for the pictures Fishbulb. Nice report. Gemini Cricket revealed! Looks like a nice day.
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                              Re: Fishbulb's 11/12/06 Trip Report

                              excellent as always, thank you for helping make Max's day fun!
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