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  • Brown Retro Merchandise

    Haven't seen any posts on this stuff. They have a line of brown merchandise that is not as lous as the blue stuff.

    I got a watch that has the logo in dark brown on a lighter borwn background.. There is also a nice brown leatherette purse and matching coin purse in choclate brown with Michey and DL patches on the side. There is also a pink and brown striped shirt with little 1x2" patches on it for the ladies and a t-shirt as well.

    They are nice for those of us that are not quite so into the loud swag.

    I'll look for pics.

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    Yes! I was soo close to buying the brown watch! In the end I decided against it only because "Disneyland" was kind of hard to see. I love the brown hat as well. That will be my next purchase when I'm down again


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      Any pictures?
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        Oooh. Sounds fab. Bring on the pictures so we can all get tired of it before we get a chance to actually purchase it, haha.


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          I bought that watch when we were there in early April. I love it. Wear it every day. When the sun hits it just right that retro logo really stands out. I didn't like the hat so much. To me they have that "already worn" look which I'm not into. If I want that I'll just get an old Mickey hat out of my closet.
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            I got the brown/pink stripe girls wallet. It's got little patches on it, and it's really pretty. It also holds EVERYTHING!

            I wish there was some kind of strap on it, though, because if I had that, I'd be able to ditch having a purse!
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              My daughter got the Brown purse and Loves it!
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                Originally posted by jmuboy
                Any pictures?
                Let's see.. I posted some pretty bad pictures of the watch a ways back:

                My finger points.


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                  Sorry it took so long but here are a few pictures of the watch...

                  You can think I'm wrong, but that's no reason to quit thinking.


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                    Not sure if I like it.

                    This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.


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                      To each his own. I think it was one of the nicer watches I saw. It wasn't over the top. I can wear this out to a nice dinner or just around town. It's a nice watch for all occasions.
                      You can think I'm wrong, but that's no reason to quit thinking.


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                        I was also extremely close to buying it, but my dad got me into buying the Classic Mickey watch. Oh well... I still like my Mickey Watch.

                        Oh and I soo want them to make a version of the pink/brown stripes shirt for guys.
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                          I really like the new brown retro wear.
                          I LOVE the new shirt, and I bought myself one back in April. But being the genius that I am, I got water on it and tried to dry it with the hair dryer before leaving the house... and it burned the shirt. It was weird, cause it was like it melted.. Maybe it did melt... the shirt is 40% polyester afterall!
                          It's okay though, cause I got another one on the 5th.

                          It's not "loud" at all, and its actually very nice. Here are some pictures of the front and back below that I took... the shirt is $22, and I got it at the World of Disney store in Downtown Disney. I don't know if they're at the Emporium inside the park or anything... I havent seen them, but then again, I didn't go in the Emporium for very long last time I was at Disneyland...



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                            I am the proud owner of the pink & brown striped women's shirt. Sooooo cute and way comfy. I wore it to DL on May 5th.

                            I will be taking it to WDW next week too. Showing my Disneyland pride.
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                              Great t-shirt Gracey! I wish I'd seen that one when I went last week.


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