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Best Parents on Earth :)

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  • Best Parents on Earth :)

    wow ... im still in shock over tonight

    so a few days ago my parents told me not to make plans for thursday (11/16) night. "ok" i though ... it is before my birthday, maybe we have plans

    so i got home from class and we all piled in the car (my grandma included which i thought was odd cuz she doesnt have a pass) and drove ... to ... disneyland!!

    i was happy ... i hadn't been in a few weeks and wanted to see the tree up.

    but as we approached the gates i was handed this :

    yea ... my parents got me reservations for club 33 (with some help from my aunt and my new best friend )

    i was speechless

    so we got in and my breath was taken away again

    main street looks sooooo beautiful :gladsad:

    here's the family

    and now ....


    club 33 ... finally

    i reccommend the fruit punch ... yummy

    the famous toilet

    desert time!!

    the food was AMAZING!! wow ...just so good. i had some kind of beef (some fancy word that i can't remember) and potatoes

    we finished just in time for fireworks

    grandma wanted to see the grand californian

    and wow ... look what was up!

    the spoils of the night :yea:

    most amazing birthday ... ever

    my dream came true

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    Re: Best Parents on Earth

    :yea: :yea: What a birthday! Congrats Aniko! Definitely one to remember. :yea: :thumbup:
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      Re: Best Parents on Earth

      Thats so awesome


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        Re: Best Parents on Earth

        WOW!!! Congrats! Happy Birthday Aniko! Looks like you had a great one.


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          Re: Best Parents on Earth


          I really love the picture looking out on NOS. That really makes it seem real. I mean that otherwise it could be just like another nice club.


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            Re: Best Parents on Earth

            Aaww... congratulations and Happy Birthday!!!
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              Re: Best Parents on Earth

              how lucky are you!

              and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


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                Re: Best Parents on Earth

                So awesome. Congrats and Happy Birthday!
                -Jack :geek:
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                  Re: Best Parents on Earth

                  is nice!!!! congrat's! Happy Birthday, enjoy it (more than you obviously have!)
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                    Re: Best Parents on Earth

                    Now this is a REAL dream come true in the "year of a million dreams" Your parents are awesome. I hope you had a ton of fun. Club 33 is a very special place to be. OH YEAH BY THE WAY...

                    :yea:HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!:thumbup:
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                      Re: Best Parents on Earth

                      Happy birthday To you.

                      great photo and the one for GCH Tree. I hope Disneyland Check the wires three times.:blush:
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                        Re: Best Parents on Earth

                        I'm so jealous! What a great story.

                        Happy Birthday!

                        And I'm glad you had a great day!

                        (Aren't the Xmas decorations in New Orleans Square just fantastic at night from the Club's balconies!)

                        And that has to be one of the most photographed potties in the world!


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                          Re: Best Parents on Earth

                          Happy Birthday! What a cool present.


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                            Re: Best Parents on Earth

                            What a great story! Happy Birthday, and I hope you have a great year.

                            (Now, THAT would make a great YOAMD prize: dinner at Club 33! Are you listening, Prize Squad Team Group?)

                            - Johnny
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                              Re: Best Parents on Earth

                              Wow Aniko, you have a wonderful family.
                              And Happy Birthday!
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