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Melonballer's excessive super-big Trip Report!


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  • Melonballer's excessive super-big Trip Report!

    Hi everyone! I have been waiting forever to start this report. The desire to do it probably started only a day or so into my trip. I appreciate everyone's patience while I got my pcitures together. I had to get my good photos printed so I could share them with my family over the holiday.

    So let's get started! Its gonna take awhile so let's break it down into day sized bites.

    DAY 1: Disneyland Park Sold Out

    So the day before I leave I find that Disneyland has reached maximum occupancy. Oh man, not good news. Still I was set on my path and I always figured Saturday would be busy. I was not too concerned about it, since I would have a week to get everything done.

    I had to get up a 3am to get ready for the airporter. I got to bed around 10 pm and fell asleep around 10:30. Then about 12 am I woke up with a start. I twisted and turned but could not get back to sleep. I was still awake at about 2:30 so I decided to get started. Like those kids in the Disney comercial I was too excited to sleep.

    After an uneventful trip to the airport and plane ride I had to wait for about half an hour for my luggage in a hot LAX. Still my luggage did get there, so I was not that upset. I got my supershuttle after only a few minute wait and I was with another group that was going to the same hotel, so we did not have to wait for others, nor did we have to stop at other hotels. Unfortunately they were shooting the next Die Hard movie so there was traffic on the way, but it did not last long and it allowed me to get this shot.

    Hmmmm, I wonder if this is where Where's Barbie is at?

    My first Disneyland sighting.

    Anyways, my room was not ready at the Park Place Inn and minisuites until 3pm (it was about 12:30pm), but they kept my luggage for me. I was off to the park, where I was greated by this sight.

    Luckilly I already had my ticket and the gates were not closed.

    Then I saw my first train of the trip.

    Hey Look! Its the Ernest Marsh!

    Anyways I went into the park and saw the large line for the train and decided to wait. It was time for some pictures.

    I decided to enjoy the first attraction I saw without a line, and sure enough the Disneyland the first 50 magical years film was right there. I really enjoyed the memoribillia in the first rooms.

    The required Disneyland opening day model picture.

    I thought the show was quite nice, especially the Donald Duck vs Steve Martin aspect. When I got outside there was a large crowd milling about. Next to the tree I saw my first celebrity of the trip.

    Hey, Its Hannah Montana!

    She was just finishing an interview and had been taking part in filming for the Christmas Parade. She took the time to sign some autographs and pose for some pictures with fans.

    I headed down Main Street and got a corndog from the corndog stand. It was good. While I waited in line I saw some VIP handlers escorting Randy from American Idol somewhere. I guess he was going ot be part of the parade with Ryan Seacrest. I did not get a picture, mostly because I did not recognize him at first. I saw him and thought, I know that guy from something. I don't watch American Idol so it took me a minute or 2. I was much more impressed with the next celebs I saw.

    Anwyays after corndog I went over to the ride board to see what waits were like.

    Not to bad I thought, still I was more interested in roaming around than standing in lines, so off I went. I spent the afternoon looking in the stores and I got the Jessica Rabbit christmas pin I wanted. I got a ride in on the Disneyland Railroad, used a non networked fastpass for Roger Rabbit CTS and I also used the single rider line to get on Splash Mountain. I love getting on a ride with a 75 minute wait in under 3 minutes.

    Bring it ON! You can't soak me! Do your worst!
    I do love the back row, I hardly got wet at all.
    At some point in the afternoon I also got back to the hotel where I checked in and unpacked.

    When I got back to the park I got a nice spot for the Parade of Dreams on the corner where it turns from Fantasyland to Mainstreet. I love this parade. There has never been another parade that I have wanted to see more than once. I watched this one 3 times in 2 days. I love the music, the floats, the costumes, and the performers.

    Here are some nice shots.

    Barbaraann, this one is for you.

    I loved the costumes on these performers in the Little Mermaid unit.

    The Ursula float is amazing.

    That evening I had an a 8 pm PS for the Blue Bayou. I got there about 20 minutes early and I waited nearly 45 minutes for my seat, but once I got in the experience was awesome. My seat was not by the water, but it was decent and I didn't have people right next to me.

    My view and my dinner.

    my dessert

    My dinner review:

    I had a great time at the Blue Bayou, even though I was by myself. My waiter was excellent and my drink only got empty once before It was refilled. The porkchop was awesome and the potatoes were good. I don't care for asparagas so I skipped that. The cookie boat was good, but I can make better. I would do it again (in fact I did later in the week).

    After dinner I took advantage of Fantasmic and fireworks to go on a few rides. I got a ride on HMH which was as great as ever, and then headed to POTC while people were being snowed on. Can you say walk on? I knew you could. I loved the new Jack Sparrow animatronics and felt that they did a great job on the refurb. During the second Fantasmic I got a couple of rides in on BTMRR and HMH. I finished the evening watching the 11:30 showing of Fantasmic which was empty. Right after it ended I started back to the front of the park via Adventureland, but noticed that Indiana Jones was open so I went in and got my first ride of the trip. I noticed the rat projection was working. Hurrah. Unfortunately someone had already tripped the pole in the falling ceiling room. I left the park, but not before one last photo.

    I had to get some sleep cause I wanted to be in front of the park at 7 the next day. I probably got to sleep around 1:30.

    coming soon, day 2, then sometime after day 3.
    Last edited by Melonballer; 12-31-2006, 01:56 AM.

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    Re: Melonballer's excessive super-big Trip Report!

    Great trip report. I would have to agree with you about Parade Of Dreams, the more i have seen it, the more i like it. Disneyland at christmas time is looking better than ever!!


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      Re: Melonballer's excessive super-big Trip Report!

      Great pics! Thanks.


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        Re: Melonballer's excessive super-big Trip Report!

        Awesome trip report! You took some great pics. :thumbup:

        Thanks for sharing with us. Did you try to eat the white sail on top of the cookie boat sundae?
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          Re: Melonballer's excessive super-big Trip Report!

          Great report, and photos! Thank for sharing... looks like you had an awesome time!


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            Re: Melonballer's excessive super-big Trip Report!

            Great report! Can we have more please?
            "All my life I've had one dream, to achieve my many goals.
            Homer Jay Simpson


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              Re: Melonballer's excessive super-big Trip Report!

              Can't wait to read the rest.


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                Re: Melonballer's excessive super-big Trip Report!

                Good pics. Your report makes me wish I was at the park today.


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                  Re: Melonballer's excessive super-big Trip Report!

                  Awesome pics so far! Cant wait to see more.
                  "I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it. "Groucho Marx


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                    Re: Melonballer's excessive super-big Trip Report!

                    Great trip report! :clap:

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                      Re: Melonballer's excessive super-big Trip Report!

                      Awesome photos... so sad I missed that parade when I visited Disneyland in March
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                        Re: Melonballer's excessive super-big Trip Report!

                        So far so good! I loved meeting you! If you were alone - you could have come and hung out with my family!!!!
                        Will trade husband for Disneyland and DCA Pins!


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                          Re: Melonballer's excessive super-big Trip Report!

                          Hey there! Good job! I can't wait to see the other days...

                          Ta Da!


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                            Re: Melonballer's excessive super-big Trip Report!


                            very nice work!! can't wait to see everything else...
                            kingdom hearts <3er


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                              Re: Melonballer's excessive super-big Trip Report!

                              Originally posted by French25Fan View Post
                              Awesome trip report! You took some great pics. :thumbup:

                              Thanks for sharing with us. Did you try to eat the white sail on top of the cookie boat sundae?
                              Nope. I had heard that it was pure poison. I did take it back to my hotel room in a bag to take home, but by the end of the week I decided to leave it there.


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