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Disneyland Family Thanksgiving LONG BUT FUN Trip Report 11-23-06


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  • Disneyland Family Thanksgiving LONG BUT FUN Trip Report 11-23-06

    Well all the families did not want to travel or do anything so we decided to spend our Thanksgiving with our NEW family and possibly join other MiceChatters (Wolfpack - Wolfy999 and family / Pirate Mickey and family)! This was also our sons first Thanksgiving! So as Al Lutz states grab your coffee, a pastry, and your favorite eyeglasses cuz here we go!

    On the road again! Where is everyone? Oh yeah it is a national holiday! Everyone is at home! I-5 southbound!

    How dare someone defaces OUR Disneyland Drive sign!

    Ooooooooooo! Almost there! I can smell the turkey!

    Turn left off the carpool offramp! A familiar site each and every visit!

    Use the LEFT LANES it is!

    Hey! But wait a minute! You just told me to use the LEFT LANES? Wassup wid dat?

    With all the money DLR has you figure they could afford to purchase a better sign for Caltrans or Anaheim City to Welcome You To Disneyland!

    Ugh! Those hideous Year Of A Million Screams colors!

    Give me back my traditional colors!

    Wow! Have any of you seen the worlds largest parking structure this empty before and I don't mean at 6:00am!!

    Slow down dear! There is no one here!

    Hello! Hello! Hello! Is there an echo? echo? echo?

    Ah! There are people really here!

    OK! Now that I have bored you with pictures of the freeway and parking structure let's get down to bidness!

    Welcome! Velkommin! And other sorted Welcome greetings!

    Ugh! Those colors again!

    The anticipation is just overwhelming to an 8 month old!

    It's beginning to look alot like Christmas...everywhere in Disneyland Resorts!

    WatchYourHeadNStep, Simba Yo, and as Wolfy999 now calls him Little Monkey!

    WatchYourHeadNStep and Little Monkey!

    Simba Yo and Little Monkey!

    Lilttle Monkey's first encounter with a rather large nutcracker!

    What a happy rugrat!

    Oooo! Matching ears!

    Hey! Topiary Mickey stoled my ears!

    Family portrait!

    Rather large Christmas wreath!

    Oh how cute! They all match! That is what we heard from everyone that stopped to see us pose! We had no problem with people wanting to take our picture for us!

    Oh look! Goofy and a Goofy topiary!

    2006 Disneyland Family Thanksgiving Dinner!

    Check in!

    The prices! Note AP discount DOES apply!

    Are we there yet?

    Closer check in sign! Buttons will be given to you later!

    Ha ha ha! We are almost there!

    Where's the food! Thumb will just have to do!

    Oh my goodness! You paid HOW MUCH?

    YES! Now you're talkin! We are finally getting somewhere!

    Happiness is a nice bottle of formula!

    Waiting area decor!

    Welcome! Let the dining commence!

    The crowds in the Disneyland Hotel banquet hall!


    Prepare to have your mouthes water!

    What do they carve here you ask?

    Oops! Almost forgot! The button!

    More projections throughout the room!

    They carve the Roast Beast!

    And the turkey!

    As we would say in the Navy! Parade the beef!

    Side dishes including pasta, rolls, and entrees!

    Thirty minutes later I finally get to sit down and eat!

    Table 82 your table is now ready!

    Never give the little one a cup of water! Note the clothing change in the next few pictures!

    Little Monkey's first Disney character encounters! This is our sons first contact with any large furry creatures from Disney!

    Chip and Dale...or is it Dale and Chip? Now Dale has the red nose so that means.....................

    Kooda and Kenai!

    Kooda inquires as to who this young cub may be? Tell everybody I'm on my friends new places to see!

    He wasn't even scared of Kenai! Hey we used to live on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska for three years! Kenai couldn't care less he was more interested in the new young cub!

    Kenai growls, "He bit my nose!" Who knows how many other kids have bitten that nose? Quick get the Purell!

    Get that paw outta my face!

    Now that dinner was over and characters out of the way! On to the desserts! If any of you MiceChatters need an excuse to go to this event next year.....feast your eyes on the next set of pics!

    Please don't eat me?

    Mini me from above!

    A raspberry tart!

    So MiceChatters....convinced yet?

    Well if ya got kids....feast your eyes on more traditional kids desserts!

    Hidden Mickeys!

    Finished eating and time to leae!

    Exit this way!

    Carolers to get you in the holiday mood!

    And the late night reaction!

    The family with Santa Claus! MiceChat moms were correct! He wasn't afraid of Santa!

    You're not my dad!

    But your just as ugly as dad!

    Back through DTD to get to the park! Oh this tree looks familiar but somehow different?

    Holiday banners!

    Main Street Christmas tree! I still did like the Disneyland 50th version as well!

    Main Street USA at Christmas! Can't wait for bubbles!

    Simba Yo and the tree!

    WatchYourHeadNStep and tree!

    My traditional photo angle on the Main Street Christmas tree every year!

    On Main Street with the sleeping beauty....child that is! No pics with the tree for him as he snoozes down Main Street thinking of sugar plum fairies!

    Miscellaneous shots!

    The castle at night! Blocked off at 7:30PM for the fireworks!

    Simba Yo and castle!

    WatchYourHeadNStep and castle!

    Ariel at night!

    And her dad keeping a watchful eye for princes with two legs!!

    On our way to It's A Small World!

    The countries Christmas wreaths!

    Finally make it to the sign and ride!

    Simba Yo and Christmas SW!

    WatchYourHeadNStep and Christmas SW!

    7:45pm and the show that is now shown off of the ride is amazing! I wasn't able to capture the entire show but I will post it on You Tube (if someone hasn't already done so!)

    Off to ToonTown!

    Hey Little Monkey woke up! His first encounter with a Christmas tree!

    Oooo! Dad what is it!?

    The moment that any parent with their first child waits for....his first Christmas and photo ops like this!!!

    Artsy shot! Reflection in a large ornament!

    Minnie's Place!

    So much to see around ToonTown! Hey kid! Look at the camera!

    The castle again at night!

    What is this rabbit looking at? One of Aurora's friends!

    Dad, son, and castle!

    Back down Main Street to exit the park!

    DCA! C-A-L-F-O-R-N-I-A

    C-A-L spells Christmas Cal!

    Year Of A Million Dreams!! When do my dreams come true?

    Parting shots at World Of Disney!

    Christmas merchandise is definitely here!

    Wait until you are old enough to drink coffee!

    It's late at night and when else can you have fun with your child!?

    As a non-Disney character Porky Pig states...."That's All Folks!" Hope everyone had an excellent Thanksgiving and the next few days off!

    See you MiceChatters at the hub on Sunday....12:00 o'clock high! Our first official MiceChat group meet!

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    Re: Disneyland Family Thanksgiving LONG BUT FUN Trip Report 11-23-06

    Look at that Grafitti on the Disneyland Drive sign. Those dumb gangs.
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      Re: Disneyland Family Thanksgiving LONG BUT FUN Trip Report 11-23-06

      WOW! how cool is that!

      thank you for sharing your very special family day with us. i hope that these photos bring you all happy memories many yEARs to come.

      just this morning, my mother, in a nostalgic mood, was telling me all about my early visits to the Park as a infant/toddler and how positive my reactions were to characters, attractions, parades.

      very sweet pictures of your family!

      i am so happy that you had such a joyful Thanksgiving!


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        Re: Disneyland Family Thanksgiving LONG BUT FUN Trip Report 11-23-06

        Wow! VERY nice pictures. Thanks for sharing some very special moments with us. Makes me YEARN to go. Thank God i'm going soon.
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          Re: Disneyland Family Thanksgiving LONG BUT FUN Trip Report 11-23-06

          Thanks for sharing all your pictures ^.^ Such a cute baby! Those desserts have my mouth watering I must go out in search of chocolate!

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            Re: Disneyland Family Thanksgiving LONG BUT FUN Trip Report 11-23-06

            Watch, Thanks for the glow of Disney fun.
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              Re: Disneyland Family Thanksgiving LONG BUT FUN Trip Report 11-23-06

              awesome photo update!

              (Sign up and search "Splashmoun10")

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                Re: Disneyland Family Thanksgiving LONG BUT FUN Trip Report 11-23-06

                Thanks for sharing a great trip report! Very cute baby and excellent pics.

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                  Re: Disneyland Family Thanksgiving LONG BUT FUN Trip Report 11-23-06

                  I've never felt so hungry after reading a TR...


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                    Re: Disneyland Family Thanksgiving LONG BUT FUN Trip Report 11-23-06

                    Just beautiful pictures! Thank you so much -- it all looks so magical. Even with the crowds. Pure magic. Your whole family = lovely.


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                      Re: Disneyland Family Thanksgiving LONG BUT FUN Trip Report 11-23-06

                      That all looked so good. At the sight of each and EVERY desert photo I asked myself, "What the heck is that?" The kids' ones I could work out but the others... wow.
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                        Re: Disneyland Family Thanksgiving LONG BUT FUN Trip Report 11-23-06

                        wheres the food for us?

                        great photos.. thanks for sharing...


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                          Re: Disneyland Family Thanksgiving LONG BUT FUN Trip Report 11-23-06

                          Thank you for sharing your holiday pictures with us.
                          "I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it. "Groucho Marx


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                            Re: Disneyland Family Thanksgiving LONG BUT FUN Trip Report 11-23-06

                            Very nice, so with all the photos when did you find time to eat?
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                              Re: Disneyland Family Thanksgiving LONG BUT FUN Trip Report 11-23-06

                              Thanks so much for sharing all your photos. It looks like you have a few x-mas card pics to choose from!

                              The buffett looks wonderful. Boy, I am really thinking that we may do a trip next Thanksgiving....


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