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Favorite DL Land?

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  • Favorite DL Land?

    When I think of Disneyland - one of my first images is walking under the R&R tracks and seeing Main Street appear before your eyes. It's such an inviting place to slow down and relax. A close 2nd for me is New Orelans Square (specically, on the Disney Gallery Balcony at sunset).
    Ok - what's your favorite land (or spot) at Disneyland?

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    I would have to say Fantasyland. I don't know why but the energy comming from that place really suits me.


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      There are sooooooo many great things from MOST "Lands". But Fantasyland has got all the others beat!


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        my favorite spot IS the balcony...but a close second is on the fantasmic pump fixture (along the begining of the big thunder trail, frontierland side)
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          Well years ago it was Tomorrow Land, certainly not now!

          I will have to split them into night and day. During the day I love strolling through Main Street and browsing through the shops etc. At night my favorite land is New Orleans Square all the lights the music, I love it.


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            I'd hafto go with fantasyland....where all your fantasies come true

            fantasyland has the most variety in attractions...

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              I love Fantasyland, but I also like NOS a lot.

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                I spend most of my time in NOS and Frontierland (love BTMRR and Blue Bayou). But I'll never forget seeing Fantasyland for the first time at night. It was at Christmas and all the lights in the trees, it was absolutely magical, I remeber thinking that it looked like a fairytale.


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                  1 Adventureland

                  2 New Orleans Square

                  3 Fantasyland

                  4 Frontierland

                  5 Critter country

                  6 Toontown

                  7 Tomorrowland


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                    Fantasyland & NOS are my favorite DL lands.


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                      Originally posted by belleh5
                      Fantasyland & NOS are my favorite DL lands.
                      Great minds think alike!

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                        Fantasyland, with New Orleans Square a close second!


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                          New Orleans Square. Absolutely!


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                            New Orleans Square for the Atmosphere and music. POTC of course!!

                            Up until the dismantling of Tommorrowland, TL was my favorite- Now at the bottom.
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                              Favorite Land

                              Currently, Adventureland. Sure it's a hideous bottleneck, but the combo of the nice theming, Jungle Cruise and Indiana Jones, and the neat merchandise. It's the winner in my book.
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