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Friday Night Crowds?


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  • Friday Night Crowds?

    OK. My wife and I had a wonderful time this Friday night. But I was AMAZED at how CROWDED it was!!!! We got to the park around 7:30 and there was a long line at the Micky and Friends lot! Plus the entry gates where backed up past the Monorail track!!! I was amazed that there was still a good ammount of people waiting in the ticket booth to BUY tickets! (I asumed everyone was an AP). Is it always this way? Im guessing a LOT of it is from the 50th and I THOUGHT everyone would depart after the 9:25 show (Our resurvations at BB was for 9 so I missed it.) but no, there was still one hell of a crowd all the way till midnight!

    Also, we left at midnight after taking a 11:59 ride on Big Thunder. One hell of a way too end and start a day! Anyways, We got too the trams in DTD and waited for 30 mins just to get on a train!!! It seams the crowd caught them off guard as the only had 4 trams TOTAL doing the Mickey and Friends run. There was 10 min waits between trams. I have NEVER EVER seen it this way. Did anyone else notice this? Is this common? The wife wants to make Friday nights a tradition (1 hour + drive from Glendale) but if its this way often, I dont know about it. Whats your thoughts?

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    I went to the park on Thursday, and opted out of waiting for the tram. Instead, we just walked through DTD. :|
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      I was there too, and from other Friday nights when I've been there, it is pretty typical (although last night did seem a little bigger). We actually got there around 4 and attendance was pretty light - so I'd say it's definitely passholders coming in after work. It looked like there were also quite a few dressed-up high school students - maybe coming before or after prom or graduation?

      It ramped up and up as the evening went on. We camped out for fireworks for the more crowded portions of the evening (from about 8 on) and I wanted to go on a ride afterwards but we ended up just monorailing it out of there. We got dinner at Uva and went to the M&F tram around 11 or a little after, and just made it onto the shuttle pulling into the station. I was actually impressed at how non-difficult it was to get out of the fireworks crowd. I was expecting to be trampled by we picked a spot in the hub that was close to Carnation Plaza and made our exit to Frontierland with a minimum of fuss. All in all I think the crowds for Fantasmic are a lot more hostile.

      You should have seen the line for Dole Whips around 5!


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