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    I was reading the thread about a possible make over for Tomorrowland and it occured to me that its been 10 years since there has been a substancial new ride put into Disneyland. Everyone wants to bring back this or bring back that, but really where are the new ideas? I'm not talking about a new parade or a remake of a the same ride over, where has the Imagineering gone? Can anyone name something special at DL since Indy or Splash? And no, Soarin at DCA doesn't count.
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    Winnie the Pooh


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      Buzz Lightyear is in the works...

      But I do agree - not enough new stuff! We are all counting on Matt Ouimet in a big way to fix this. He inherited a big (huge? monumental?) mess from Pressler and Harris and has a significant amount of maintenance to catch up on, while trying to fix DCA etc and add new attractions to DL. I work for a huge company and I understand the political gridlock that can make seemingly obvious decisions almost impossible to make. Matt has done a tremendous job to date. A bit of patience is probably in order for now.

      I for one, am optimistic

      I apologize in advance for any spelling errors - too many years of relying on Word!


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