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Herbal Magic st Disneyland?

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  • Herbal Magic st Disneyland?

    O.k. This is not an anti-drug thread at all. Just an observation and a suggestion. I'm sure I am not the only one who has come across this. While walking across that small, hidden walkway near Splash Mountain, the one that allows you to look over the guests as they reappear after the final drop on Splash Mountain, I noticed some people, young adults mostly, standing around in a group facing the river. As I walked past I was hit in the face with the powerful smell of weed. I mean I hadn't smelled anything this strong since the last concert I went to a few years ago. Apparently these people had no idea that you could smell what they were doing and didn't care that others knew.:gladsad: Now don't get me wrong. I've smoked the stuff in the past. It's a harmless drug and I have no problem with people smoking it. What I do have a problem with is the fact that you are smoking this stuff at Disneyland of all places. If you absolutely feel the need to get high, go out to your friggin car and do it. Don't smoke it in the park.

    Has anyone else experienced this?