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Write a poem about Disneyland Contest!


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  • Write a poem about Disneyland Contest!

    Here's the deal: Write a poem about some aspect of DisneyLand. It can be sad, happy, funny, angery, anything! As long as it is creative. But it has to ryme. Vote on your favorite poem (you can't vote for your own) by sending me an email at:
    Write your poems between December 1-4. Only one poem per person,
    I will tally up the votes and let you guys know who the winner is by a seporate thread. I will not enter, because that would be unfair. Let the contest begin!
    "Pain is temporary, Film is Forever..."

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    Re: Write a poem about Disneyland Contest!

    OH btw, feel free to comment on peoples poems as well.
    "Pain is temporary, Film is Forever..."


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      Re: Write a poem about Disneyland Contest!

      Oh and to clarify, post the poem HERE and send me and email with your VOTE for your favorite. You don't have to send the whol poem, just the title (please title your poem)
      "Pain is temporary, Film is Forever..."


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        Re: Write a poem about Disneyland Contest!

        Sounds like fun! I'll try to put something together.
        Will trade husband for Disneyland and DCA Pins!


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          Re: Write a poem about Disneyland Contest!

          "An Invitation to Disneyland"

          Come, one and all, and enjoy the spectacle!
          Of fun, enchantment, and parades electrical
          Give a "howdy" to Mickey and Minnie Mouse
          Ascend the heights of Tarzan's Treehouse
          There's lots of familiar Characters to greet
          Many can be seen strolling up Main Street
          Take a ride on a Mountain called "Splash"
          And...remember to bring plenty of cash!
          Last edited by gemaedhi; 12-01-2006, 06:55 PM. Reason: (I forgot to give it a title...)
          "...Mr. Bluebird on my shoulder..."


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            Re: Write a poem about Disneyland Contest!

            Any other submissions?
            "Pain is temporary, Film is Forever..."



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              Re: Write a poem about Disneyland Contest!

              "Group of Friends at Disneyland" (Nov. 14, 2006)

              I was running though Mainstreet in quite a fury
              I wasn't looking and suddenly my vision got blurry.

              I got off my butt and wiped my hands,
              I had smashed into a red glowing popcorn stand.

              The cast memeber told me to watch were I was going
              but I had little time because it began snowing.

              I didn't want to be late and get left behind
              I hate being alone riding through a collapsing mine.

              A lady blocked my path talking to her friend from Vancouver
              The crowd was huge so I had to perform an evasive manuver.

              I escaped to our meeting place with out a hitch
              But found they had a change of heart, and a ride switch.

              From the entrance of Big Thunder Mountain we again raced.
              With an odd number of people, the last was going to be displaced.

              I crossed Main Street with little to no fuss at all
              but saw a fellow friend caught in a crowd, and reduced to a crawl.

              Sure of victory I walked to Space
              only to find him there before me, laughing in my face.

              The five others we were with had already got in line.
              To the second rocket of the train I had been assigned.

              I heard them ahead of me joyously screaming with fright.
              I shielded my eyes and heard them get blinded by the photo light.

              After we stumbled out into the cold night air.
              They decided to wander the park without a care.

              I told them to meet me in ten minutes by Indy
              I put on my jacket as it was getting quite windy.

              I grabbed a snack but the line was a little long.
              I barely made it on time so nothing was wrong.

              Once I arrived my cousin nearly did a flip.
              She saw me holding a pineapple whip.

              I ate what I wanted and the others almost had a hissy fit
              seeing as how she took the rest and had nearly killed it.

              After we made it out of the temple of the forbidden eye.
              We decided it was time for us to say goodbye.

              Together we walked down the center of a decorated Main Street.
              We were stumbling and laughing because of our aching feet.

              We gathered in front of the Giant christmas tree.
              We had our picture taken and went out with glee.

              Together we boarded the tram to take us to our car.
              Some of us fell asleep even though it wasn't that far.

              We exited the tram and dragged ourselves to our car's floor.
              Once at the top I increased my pace, my goal, the van's front-right door.

              It seems the others had not been aware
              but my friend was watching me to my despair.

              He passed me with ease and began to run.
              Before he could beat me, I screamed Shotgun.

              I Smiled as I heard loud laughter from some nearby park staff.
              He beat me at everything to day, but I was going to have the last laugh.
              My campus elevator smells like burned hair and won't drop faster than the pull of gravity, no matter how much I scream.


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                Re: Write a poem about Disneyland Contest!

                "The Memories"

                The memories I love aren't even mine,
                the ones I cherish are back in time.

                My Mom standing with original Mousketeers,
                pigtails, yellow hoodie, and mouseears.

                The smile she had stays on my mind,
                when I think of Disneyland in rewind.

                The rides and attractions I'll never get to see,
                those dreams of mine that will never be.

                The thought of going to Disneyland,
                where you might possibly bump into "The Man".

                The man who thought this whole theme,
                of fantasy, future, and wonderful dreams.

                The little thoughts and memories,
                and the reason millions of people smile and beam.


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                  Re: Write a poem about Disneyland Contest!

                  :clap: to quwiksilver1020 and Lilyella21!

                  Lilyella 21, your poem is so sweet.
                  "...Mr. Bluebird on my shoulder..."


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                    Re: Write a poem about Disneyland Contest!

                    Thank you....


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                      Re: Write a poem about Disneyland Contest!

                      anymore contributions? I need more far I've only got one
                      "Pain is temporary, Film is Forever..."



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                        Doesn't rhyme, so it can't win, but if you want to read it anyway...

                        Well, this doesn't rhyme, so it doesn't qualify as a contest entry, but I hope you don't mind if I post it up here anyway, because there are so few places to share one's Disneyland-related poetry, and I got real excited when I saw this thread .

                        If I do come up with a rhyming one, I'll post it here.

                        This was written 4 years ago, when I was just starting to get back into going to DL.

                        BTW, no offense to any Anaheim residents with the mention of the "disturbingly average" Harbor Boulevard. I just mean in comparison to DL. There's Denny's, IHOP, and McDonalds on Harbor - stuff from the "real world", stuff that's also in my hometown - and I was referring to the feeling of seeing those kind of things right after being in the park.

                        "Facts and Fancy"
                        Copyright 2002 Brent M. Parker

                        A daub of equine excrament
                        Not yet swept up
                        Adds a pungant aire
                        Of magic realism
                        To the molded mellowness
                        Of Main Street


                        Striding o'er the chain of the overcrowded queue
                        And off
                        To peer into pleasure portals
                        (With all the other mortals)
                        Foraging instant gratification


                        Real, live crows
                        Perched obliviously atop
                        Flat cartoon hills


                        Actual, genuine tears
                        Rushing down the flumes of your cheek
                        To drip into a perpetual frontier river
                        With more real, live birds,
                        Who came for the magic of
                        Tourists with popcorn)
                        To Jackson Pollack into
                        That preplanned "frontier river"
                        As you
                        Sit there
                        In a chair
                        For no apparent reason


                        Your Hotel Clerk
                        Jolly and jumpy as a nearly caught leprechaun,
                        Saying, "I'll let you think it over"
                        As he
                        To your bathroom
                        By Tinkerbell-tiny cell phone,
                        With his gatekeeper girlfriend
                        Whom, he says, can secure you
                        More powerful passports
                        If you only meet her at Denny's
                        And greet her with the code words:
                        "Que Pasa?"


                        A jesterishly jarring
                        Roller coaster car
                        Before traversing the terrors
                        Of leaping -
                        Unharnessed -
                        From the back of a carousel seahorse


                        The disturbingly average Harbor Blvd.
                        A smooth, firm IHOP table
                        Supports your dreaming head
                        Quite well...
                        The vaccum surrounding you
                        Interrupted only by vaccuming
                        Accompanied by
                        A shockingly sincere
                        "Oh, sorry to wake you!"
                        "Well," you think,
                        "The magic can cross the street!"
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                          Re: Write a poem about Disneyland Contest!

                          This I Know

                          "I could never convince the financiers that Disneyland was feasible, because dreams offer too little collateral."
                          --- Walt Disney

                          :yea: Member of MiceChat Gold!

                          :thumbup: Lover of the Haunted Mansion and
                          Nightmare Before Christmas

                          :captain: Dreaming of Pirates!

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                            Re: Write a poem about Disneyland Contest!


                            Today is the day that thousands will cheer
                            as they pass through the gates to the place we hold dear.

                            Down the street of our town past the fire brigade
                            Perhaps a few will look up where respects should be paid
                            To the light in the window that burns to this day.

                            They'll drive into a cave dark as night
                            with a choice to be made do you head left or head right?

                            They'll sail a great ship or get spooked by a queen
                            While a trip in a teacup might leave them quite green.

                            Today is the day as it is everyday
                            In the house that Walt built
                            where we all come to play.
                            "Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it's time to pause and reflect."

                            -Mark Twain


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                              Re: Write a poem about Disneyland Contest!

                              Originally posted by DisneyDude2006 View Post
                              Vote on your favorite poem (you can't vote for your own) by sending me an email at:

                              Drat, why is there always a catch?
                              "Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it's time to pause and reflect."

                              -Mark Twain


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