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Marching Down Main Street & B-day Celebration Trip ReporT!

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  • Marching Down Main Street & B-day Celebration Trip ReporT!

    Hey everybody, FIRST OFF, if you're coming to Disneyland this Friday, December 8, make sure you check out the Diamond Bar High School Marching Band, marching down Main Street playing Angels We Have Heard on High at 6:15 PM, right before the Christmas parade. We are the second largest band in Southern California and consistently considered one of the best. If you like music, check out some of our concert band music and watch our field show on Other than that, this is my LAST year marching so come watch us!!! I'm the band president also so it's a very special thing for me.

    Moving on. Last Friday, I had my BIRTHDAY BASH at Downtown Disney/Disneyland Hotels. It was a TON of fun. I never knew I could have SOO much fun while still being OUTSIDE of the park. Right after school, my friends and I loaded up in our cars and headed down to Downtown Disney. There was a LOT OF traffic, but we got there safely! I parked in Mickey and Friends Structure, which had somewhat of a line, but only 4 or 5 parking booths were open. Anyways, after parking my friends and I headed down to the tram. When on the tram, one of my friends, Tracy, got so excited. She told me how just coming to Disney is exciting and makes her feel like a little kid again. After we got into Downtown Disney and taking a look at the shops for a brief moment, we headed to the Grand Californian Hotel Lobby. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL TREE!! So Majestic.
    Anyways, from there, we began our scavenger hunt. I designed a scavenger hunt/trivia game that took my friends all over Downtown Disney and the Disney hotels. It was really fun watching my friends run around all over the place trying to beat each other. I didn't hang out with all of my friends at once, so each team told me their respective stories. One group told me how one old Disney castmember was really nice and spent about 20 minutes working with them, trying to figure out answers to some of the questions. He even went inside Disneyland to go get some maps and other information to try to help with the answers. From all the groups in general, I got the impression that they met MANY castmembers who were more than enthusiastic to help. One of my favorite questions (for this novie Disneylovers group) was what is the significance of the name of the candy store in Downtown Disney. Marceline....of course the hometown of Walt Disney.
    After the Scavenger Hunt, we hung out in the lobby and listened to some really fun Christmas Carolers. Really put me in the spirit. While they were singing, a girl dressed in a Belle costume was dancing and going nuts in front of the carolers! So cute. I talked with her family because her parents were there and her grandparents as well. (btw, sorry for all the bad grammar!). We all then traveled to Storyteller's Cafe for our dinner reservation. We had to wait about 20 minutes, but it was fine because we just sat and talked and absorbed the wonderful Disney atmosphere. They even had a hot apple cider jug for people waiting. YUM!! DELICIOUS! It's been a while since I had apple cider and it was STEAMING HOT! We all opted to go for the buffet, which had items like salad, prime rib, a DELICIOUS macaroni and cheese, salmon, and various other items. All in all, the buffet was decent. Wasn't amazing, but it was nice. The prime rib for me was consistently cooked too rare. The dessert was good though! Definetly a nice selection. Overall, I'd recommend the restaurant. Good service and has that touch of Disney atmosphere. The food's not spectacular, but also at the same time, it's worth trying.
    After dinner, we then ventured over to Paradise Pier Hotel to the pool deck to watch the fireworks show. Props to MinionLumbo for recommending this awesome place to me. At first, I was going to take my friends to watch the fireworks show from the parking structure, but then Minion pmed me and told me about this place where they pipe in the music! It had a GREAT view and was very quiet. Only a few other people were there. The music was nice and loud. The ONLY weird thing was that during the Firework show music, they had some other background christmas music playing at the same time of the firework music. For most of the time, the firework show music drowned out the other music, but at times, it got REALLY weird sounding. It was a very nice experience and I am sure I will return to that great firework viewing spot.
    After, we went to the theatre in Downtown Disney to watch Santa Clause 3. That theatre doesn't seem to be doing well, but then again, why would a vacationer go watch a movie when he or she is at Disneyland? The theatre was empty except for two other people and my group. The movie was actually nicer than I expected. The beginning was quite slow and kind of boring, but as the story progressed, it definetly got more interesting and at times emotional. At the end, my friends and I agreed it was one of those nice christmas movies that make you feel all fuzzy inside. IT was fun!

    That's about it. Sorry for kind of RUSHING through the evening there. This was my first REAL downtown disney hangout with my friends, and we've all agreed that we're going to be returning to this fun hangout place more often. It wasn't really Downtown Disney that made it fun, but it was our use of the surroundings and our own creativity that made it enjoyable. Anyways, I MUST get back to homework and college apps. So SEE YA LATER

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    Re: Marching Down Main Street & B-day Celebration Trip ReporT!

    first of all... Happy Birthday!!

    I didn't know you were there friday night! so was I!!

    i began with a celebration after work at the DGCH and from fireworks till Park close inside DL.

    I'm glad you all had a good time. sounds like a blast!

    and the music that interferred may have been a private party somewhere.

    take care and have a great time marching friday!