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Probably some stupid questions....


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  • Probably some stupid questions....

    We were there last week (11-14) and every day there was always a queue in front of the AP center -- why is that? Also, I am disappointed with the embroidery done on my kids' mouse ears -- the woman was in a grumpy mood and it was crowded in the store. Could I have had them redone?

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    I am sure people who don't have APs are getting them to prepare for the celebration ahead. I know of many folks who waited until after the 50th celebration started before renewing their passes.

    As for the embroidery, call DeliverEars and let them know you are unhappy. In the future, if you ever need ears embroidered, if you keep your receipt you can go to another location to have them embroidered there.

    P.S. don't ever consider any question stupid!


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      We had to wait in the line last Sunday for our AP's to be processed.
      It wasn't too bad, they had a lady out there playing Disney trivia for a chance to move to the front of the line, or if you were close, you got an attraction pass to the front of the line. I think it is just one of those things, they have to process them by hand, so I don't know how else they could do it. For the summer though, it sure would be nice to put a shade tarp or something for that line.
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        take your ears back! i know a cm in the hatmosphere and they will redo them for you if you are not satisfied


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          take your ears back
          We are already home (in WA state) so is there a way I can do that through the mail?


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