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Advice on being hired as CM


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    I assume, from prior retail experience (because, Disneyland really is all about customer service!), they'll ask you how you deal with people, working on a team and all of that jazz.
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      blaaaa i dont think its gonna workout for me this summer. but i SWEAR one day i will be a CM.........i cant wait to be able to go to DL everday and do my part and bein able to see people experiancing the magic as much as i do......corny? haha maybe just a little


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        Originally posted by Monorail_Blue
        The recruiters were very friendly, and interviews are in groups of two. (much easier on the nerves!!)
        ...I wish I was able to say the same, although, for myself, the interview was VERY basic in nature.

        Originally posted by Monorail_Blue
        I have not had my orientation meeting yet, but that will come Friday.
        Oh...I guess I shall see you then, as that is when I am to attend Traditions as well.


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          I went to a college recruiting session. Watched a powerpoint presentation, filled out an application, did my interview in jeans, and got a job right on the spot as a Host/Hostess at the Blue Bayou. Real simple and enjoyable.
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            I want to get a job once I finish high school, move down to America etc... I'm most likely getting duel citenzinship sometime..

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              GPA is not considered. As for the college program, it is no more. Disneyland's college program was shelved a few years back, which is a shame. I am a college program alumn and have to say it was the best thing I did in college!

              Originally posted by dramaqueen
              we have several CM's on the boards, I am sure they can give you an answer- it has been about 4 years since I went through the hiring process with Disney, so I probably don't have the best information. All I know is you need to present the best image possible when you interview with them. I don't think GPA's are considered unless you are applying for the college program.

              Appearance is a huge part of being hired and of course attitude- just give them what they are looking for.


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                hell, i'd work there, but 1 thing...i have a beard and i dont want to get rid of it.. i have before and i missed it oh so much.
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                  Originally posted by Disneykat
                  I wish I could work there
                  Disneykat, of course you can! It owuld just have to be part time with a LOT of working things out with scheduling.


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                    I've always wanted to work @ DL. It looks like soooo much fun. I bet you get the scoop on alot of inside stuff too.


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                      Ive had a Dream Since I was very little and my First Trip to DIsneyland, I had told my mom one day when we were waiting in line on Autopia, " I want to work here when I grow up, this place is so Magical, look at all the happy faces"

                      ..... My mom just Smiled and I think she had a tear in her eye.

                      To this day I would still love to persue my Dream and Work in DIsneyland, doesnt matter where in the Resort. I just dont know how to go about doing it or where I would live and stuff like that.

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                        Just as someone said before, go to a fair or on a day they are conducting interviews the very same day.
                        I just happened to go in on a day when they were hiring for Winter and it was pretty easy. I went and filled out an application and then I did my interview with two other people. I got hired but the other two didn't. Smile..Smile..Smile...and I don't think it hurts if you go to school because I can say ....90 % of the people I met went to college.
                        Oh, and the questions are very standard. 1. Have you been in a situation where a customer was mad at you? What did you do and how did you reply? 2. What would you do if somebody you worked with stole something? 3. Why do you want to work here? 4. What do you expect from the job?


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                          Originally posted by lolita
                          1. Have you been in a situation where a customer was mad at you? What did you do and how did you reply? 2. What would you do if somebody you worked with stole something? 3. Why do you want to work here? 4. What do you expect from the job?
                          1. Yes. Locked them in HISTA overnight.
                          2. Ask for a cut
                          3. To search for Walt's cryogenically frozen remains
                          4. An obscene amount of money.
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                            Originally posted by JordanB
                            how hard is it to be hired as a CM? apart from all the appearence requirements an such, how likeyly is it for someone to get hired? i would assume there would be a lot of competition. an one more thing....if youre a student is your GPA a factor when being considered?
                            Lots depends on timing. Generally you always have to sell yourself well to get where you want to go. GPA isn't really a factor. They won't ask you what your grades are but they will want to know if you are in school. IMO, show up in professional attire and have answers to questions like...
                            "why do you want to work at disneyland"
                            "what makes you a good people person"
                            "describe a situation where you helped someone with a problem and the resolution was a positive experience for everyone involved"

                            some lines of business want to interview you themselves and will ask you to come back for a second interview.

                            a couple things to be aware of:

                            -If you want to hire into attractions you DO NOT get to chose which ride you will work on. After 6 months, you can apply for a transfer.
                            -You don't generally get to choose which park or hotel you will work in (once again, you can transfer if you want to later)
                            -the First year to two years you will be working every weekend, friday night and holiday. If you dont like/cant do this, don't bother applying. I've been with the company 4 years and I'm just to the point where I can get fri/sat off.
                            -DO NOT apply if you don't like dealing with people...all sorts of people... in all sorts of situations. Good, bad, ugly, fun, sad, happy, etc. You'll see it all!

                            I hope this helps.
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