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Nighttime Version of Pirates???


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  • Nighttime Version of Pirates???

    Does anyone know if the upcoming closure of "Pirates of the Caribbean" has anything to do with adding the Nighttime Version of Pirates??? You Haven't heard about this yet? Read up here (it sounds awesome!)

    If anyone has any new info please add to the thread!!

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    Sounds cool, but somehow I doubt it will happen. According to it isn't even scheduled to go into refurbishment any time soon.


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      The way they describe it, it sounds like they want to take back the maintence spur (switch and side tracks) that starts at the ship goes behind the port side buildings and then reconnects you back into the ride after the burning town near the jail scene. Not a bg deal, no new flume. So you could dress out that spur, I'd imagine using a couple of live skeletons in addition to AAs in the dark (to jump out and scare you) and pilot the idea at Halloween as a temporary thing like Mansion is. Not that big of a deal to pull off.
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        I think it is a great idea, but something is bothering me. I think I have seen too many improvements that have been done on the cheap! I think people can tell. My hope that if they are going to do such a thing that they really put on some great special effects and not just plastic glow-in-the-dark skeletons popping out at us.


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          This idea has been kicking around for ages. back before the Pirates of the Caribbean Curse of the Black Pearl movie, TVA was developing a pirates animated movie. it eventually got scrapped as the live action version was approved, but even back then, they were talking about turning that part of pirates into a different ride.

          It would be cool if it finally happened, and was done well.
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            Jim's right... I don't believe it. But it would be cool.

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