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Haunted Mansion Merch Question


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  • Haunted Mansion Merch Question

    All right, so I'm trying to find out if something exists....

    Each year for HMH they've had a different doombuggy for sale.
    The first year was Jack and sally
    Second: Lock Shock and Barrel
    Third: Oogie
    Fourth: This one

    Fifth: Jack w/ some pumpkins

    Does anyone know if there's one this year
    I searched when I was there in Oct and a CM I talked to said they didn't have one but she wasn't sure if they were getting more.
    I have one for each year and I'd love to get one for this year
    I'm going in January....

    Anyone have any clue?

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    Re: Haunted Mansion Merch Question

    bumpin' cause I'm impatient


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      Re: Haunted Mansion Merch Question

      I don't know cause I've never knew this.

      They sell these at the small cart outside of HMH? I'll see at my next visit this week.

      We're always having fun in the Fun and Games Lounge. Care to visit us?


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        Re: Haunted Mansion Merch Question

        Those are really cute! You could always email the Disneyland Resort to find out.
        It's actually "Cars Land", not "Carsland".


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          Re: Haunted Mansion Merch Question

          No they sold them in Bat En Rouge when it use to be there...
          I asked at the new local of the Nightmare Store and that's when the CM told me she wasn't sure.
          She said she thought they didn't have them because there was no merch event... but I thought there was no merch event last year and they still had one....


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            Re: Haunted Mansion Merch Question

            I'd suggest calling Disneyland DelivEARS for information 1-800-362-4533 or the Disneyland Resort Merchandise Line at 1-800-760-3566.

            Good luck!

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