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Disneyland Book Differences?


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  • Disneyland Book Differences?

    What's the diference between the Art of Disneyland book that is/was sold at the park and the version on They have the same title and author, but different cover art and prices.
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    Re: Disneyland Book Differences?

    As best as we can tell, the cover and price are the only difference.

    It was previously a park exclusive, but is now in the big wide world of Disney fans.

    If it helps, here is a little review I posted in another thread:

    Art of Disneyland (Disney Editions - September 2006)/144 pages/Jeff Kurti & Bruce Gordon

    With Disneyland celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2005, Disney wasted no opportunity to publicize that milestone. With some excellent books being published over the last year - including the comprehensive park-exclusive Disneyland: Then, Now and Forever - Disneyland fans have been spoiled for choice.

    This latest entry, another one that was previously exclusively available in the theme parks but has now been released to the wider market, is one of the most beautiful yet. Rather than taking a nostalgic look at the different eras of the park, or even the technical aspects of the ride-making and Imagineering, this concentrates purely on the concept art that has either been used a model for beloved rides and attractions (or even the park itself), or has at the very least inspired the Imagineers to reach for the stars.

    After a brief introduction from recently retired Imagineering legend Marty Sklar, the reader is taken through the park land by land with concept art; sketches and paintings of what would eventually become - and sometimes not become - fixtures of our favourite theme park. Covering everything from initial park concept art to Indiana Jones, artists include such big Disney names as Mary Blair, Marc Davis, Eyvind Earle, John Hench and Herbert Ryman and commentary is provided where appropriate. While there is some repeition with previous books on the marker - particularly the aforementioned Disneyland: Then, Now and Forever - and Disneyland buffs are sure to have seen much of this material before, the sheer volume of art and coffee table value alone is enough to keep most fans interested.
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      Re: Disneyland Book Differences?

      There's an interesting review of the original edition here:


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        Re: Disneyland Book Differences?

        I think the cover is new this year in the park as well as online in places like Amazon. I LOVE the fact that it is available outside of the DLR as it is rediculously overpriced.

        Amazon rules!


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