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New Year's Eve 2007


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  • New Year's Eve 2007

    So I had this bizarre, ridiculous, un-called-for idea today.

    I should really spend New Year's Eve at Disneyland this year...

    I've been wanting to ever since the new millennium, and I'm thinking about fulfilling that desire come this 31st.

    But before I decide I want to get some feedback. So I have a rather long list of questions, because I like to be prepared as much as possible.

    Who's been? Is it worth it? Is this a dumb idea?

    One big reason I am thinking about going New Years Eve is that I have two complimentary parkhopper tickets that I received when I was a cast member, and I want to do something out-of-the-ordinary with them . If I use one for myself and one for someone special, and we get there early, will we run into any problems getting in with those tickets? Will parking be an issue? When exactly would be a good time to get there? How about park hopping - should we risk it? Any estimates when the gates will close off?

    What special events/entertainment is there to choose from? Is there anything not-to-be-missed out there?

    I know there are countdown events going on simultaneously at DL and DCA. Which one should we shoot for? Main Street or Paradise Pier? The castle or the DCA lagoon? Or somewhere else? How early should we stake out a spot (and be prepared not to move for the duration of the evening)?

    Any information is greatly appreciated!


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    Re: New Year's Eve 2007

    when we did New Years Eve switching from '92 to '93 we arrived at Park opening and stayed until the park closed (that year it was 3am!). altho i pobably wouldn't ever do it again, i'm really glad that Dustin and i did it once, and i think its something everyone should experience at least once. just be prepared for an unbelievable amount of crowds on Main St. and in front of the castle, i've never feel so much like a sardine as i did that night, not even on Bourbon St. during Mardis Gras!
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      Re: New Year's Eve 2007

      We've been doing it annually for about 8 years. We enjoy it. Depending on where you want to be, Main Street "stakeout" starts pretty early, usually by noon. Don't expect to leave, unless it rains, then you can probably leave and come back about 4. And this year is New Years Eve 2006.
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        Re: New Year's Eve 2007

        You gotta do it, it's a must!! I've been celebrating NYE at Disneyland since 1990 and it's the only place to be to ring in the new year. Sure, the crowds are pretty bad, but if you go there knowing this, you'll be fine.

        My friends and I don't expect to go on any rides/attractions while we're there, but we just enjoy the energy of everything around us. Everyone (for the most part) is in a really festive and party-like mood, so that's really fun! And the Resort gives out party hats and horns to everyone who's there.

        We normally see all the shows and parades they have, go to a real nice dinner (the last few years it's been at the Storyteller Cafe), have a drink or two at Ariel's in DCA, and just walk around going to all the different locations they have set up for dancing.

        And ever since DCA came in the picture, we've been celebrating there instead of Disneyland. We find DCA to be less crowded (altho not by much) and just enjoy being there more. Altho we do head into Disneyland for a few hours to check it out.

        Celebrating NYE at the Resort is by far the most fun I've ever had, and it doesn't hurt that I live within walking distance from the Resort, so I don't have to worry about driving or driving a long distance. And it's the only time of the year where I don't mind the huge crowds...the more, the merrier! It's all about the energy level with everyone attending.

        Let me know how it goes and if you see me around, say HI.
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          Re: New Year's Eve 2007

          I've been contemplating going.. I know it'll be nuts.. but I might just go!


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            Re: New Year's Eve 2007

            To answer your questions:
            1. Never been.
            2. Because I don't think it's worth it.
            3. It's a dumb idea because I have less-dumb things to do on NYE.

            Go early, preferably at opening.
            See attractions you really want to see before noon.
            I wouldnt' leave for DCA until after Midnight, if it is actually open that late.

            There's likely a 9PM countdown for the East Coast.
            There will likely be a third showing of Fantasmic!, but it's the same show as always.

            I think that Darkbeer has a list of events for NYE. It probably should be made a sticky, since this is the 43rd thread asking about NYE.


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              Re: New Year's Eve 2007

              The Goo Goo Dolls will be playing house of blues =D Tickets are $150 or I'd go :/ (obviously the price is due to the new years eve party there not the normal price of admission for a goo goo dolls concert :P)


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                Re: New Year's Eve 2007

                we went last year even with the heavy rain throughout the day. Disneyland itself was pretty crowded, we ended up going over to DCA and had a lot of fun and it wasn't all that crowded. We plan to go back this year hoping that it doesn't rain.


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                  Re: New Year's Eve 2007

                  I went in 96 and I didn't enjoy myself too much. It was so insanely crowded that I just didn't have a good time at all. To give you an ide of how bad it gets, picture a row of people standing shoulder to shoulder across the entire Main Street. Not just from curb to curb, I'm talking from building to building. Now duplicate that untill you fill in every conceivable space available. That should give you an idea.

                  Personaly I enjoy staying home with family and friends and watching the ball drop in NYC.


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                    Re: New Year's Eve 2007

                    Originally posted by EagleWings View Post
                    I've been contemplating going.. I know it'll be nuts.. but I might just go!

                    Since you are a CM, aren't you scheduled to work??


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                      Re: New Year's Eve 2007

                      LOL! I am sooo going!
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                        Re: New Year's Eve 2007

                        FOLKS! I gotta tell you - New Years Eve 2007 is NEXT YEAR. This is New Years Eve 2006 - the next day is New Years Day 2007.

                        Just need to make sure you all know where and when you are going. :lol:


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                          Re: New Year's Eve 2006, happy?

                          Originally posted by Disneyland Daddy View Post
                          FOLKS! I gotta tell you - New Years Eve 2007 is NEXT YEAR. This is New Years Eve 2006 - the next day is New Years Day 2007.

                          Just need to make sure you all know where and when you are going. :lol:
                          Alright, alright!

                          Gimmie a break DD, this is coming from one who is more excited about celebrating the year 2007, my bad. Honestly, you folks all know I'm not talking about next new years eve. Malcon10t already kindly pointed that out, and I'd change it if I could. Next time please, if you're going to post, make a mature contribution.


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